CompactPCI, VME & VPX

Together with our sister company Recab AB in the Nordic region we have designed and specified a number of backplane based systems. Have a look at our page describing our custom-designed solutions based on backplane topology. 

We are working with a range of top partners to serve particularly the Defence and Rail industry with solutions and support to propose the right solution for project-specific needs. 

We are aware that all projects have different requirements and therefore often need specifically designed backplanes. We can offer our expertise when designing custom backplanes. 

Recab also tests to ensure interoperability between our suppliers' boards, as well as having the ability to do thermal simulation and measurements.  This can help you to ensure the products or system-level solution can meet the required certification levels. 

Recab has also designed own VME and VPX baseboards with COMexpress modules in order to support particular processing elements and increase the longevity of a system. 

Contact us for assistance in choosing the right products for your needs.