MEN G215


Manufacturer: duagon MEN
MEN G215

The G215 is a universal interface board based on 3U CompactPCI® Serial. The physical layer can be realized individually for each channel by means of SA-Adapters.

SA-Adapters are small universal boards providing the line drivers for legacy serial I/O, fieldbus interfaces and other small I/O functions. Most SA-Adapters use 9-pin D-Sub connectors which are accessible at the front panel. Alternatively, the adapter can be connected to the front panel via ribbon cable. The SA concept allows to add additional I/O interfaces to the G215, enhancing flexibility with regard to the line transceivers and isolation requirements.

Two SA-Adapters can be mounted directly on the G215, the other maximum six adapters need more front-panel space and are connected to the carrier via ribbon cable. The G215 comes in a standard configuration with five pre-defined functions on 8 HP: two CAN interfaces, two UARTs and one 8-channel binary I/O interface. SA-Adapters are not included in the delivery, because different types are available, e.g. for the UARTs. They can be ordered as needed.

The board's I/O functions are realized by means of an FPGA, making it a very flexible, inexpensive solution for dedicated serial I/O. The card can become "everything" from a customized I/O combination to a specialized 8-port CAN card or even an intelligent I/O board including a Nios® soft core, on 4, 8 or 12 HP. As an option, further I/O signals, including high-speed interfaces, can be accessed via rear I/O on CompactPCI® Serial connectors P3 and P4. The FPGA is loaded automatically after power-up from a 4 MB serial Flash. It is also possible to access this Flash to update its contents.

Up to 64 MB DDR2 SDRAM are optionally available for complementing the functions of the FPGA. This DRAM can be used for example as a large buffer memory for more complex protocols.

The G215 is designed for use in rugged environments. For example, all components are soldered-on and are specified for an operating temperature of -40 to +85°C.


InterfaceDifferent variations possible through FPGA IP cores and SA-Adapters:
• RS232
• RS422
• RS485
• IBIS master/slave
• CAN bus
• Binary I/O
• The FPGA offers the possibility to add customized I/O functionality.
OtherStandard factory interface configuration:
• 8 HP front panel with five SA-Adapter cut-outs for
• 2 CAN bus interfaces
• 2 UART interfaces
• 1 binary I/O interface
• No SA-Adapters included by standard; they can be selected as needed

Standard factory FPGA configuration:
• 16Z029_CAN - CAN controller (controls CAN X1)
• 16Z029_CAN - CAN controller (controls CAN X2)
• 16Z125_UART - UART controller (controls UARTs X3/X4)
• 16Z037_GPIO - GPIO controller (8 I/O lines on X5)

• 4 MB serial Flash for FPGA configuration

Four status LEDs at front panel
• One status LED to signal FPGA configuration (interfaces ready)
• Three user LEDs, FPGA-controlled by 16Z034_GPIO controller
Connector(s)Accessible via onboard connectors
• Physical interface at front panel using SA-Adapters
• Two interfaces for direct onboard connection of SA-Adapters
• Up to six interfaces for connection of SA-Adapters via 10-pin ribbon cable


ExpansionCompliance with CompactPCI® Serial PICMG CPCI-S.0 Specification
Peripheral slot
Host interface:
• One PCI Express® x4 link
• PCIe® 1.x support
• Data rate 1 GB/s in each direction (2.5 Gbit/s per lane)
ElectricalSupply voltage/power consumption:
• +12V (-10%/+10%), < 400 mA
MechanicalDimensions: conforming to CompactPCI® Serial specification for 3U boards
Front panel: 8 HP with ejector
• For up to five interfaces
Conformal CoatingConformal coating on request
SoftwareDriver software for Windows®, Linux, VxWorks®, QNX®
Flash update tools for Windows®, Linux, VxWorks®
TemperatureTemperature range (operation):
• -40..+85°C (qualified components)
• Airflow: min. 1.0 m/s
Temperature range (storage): -40..+85°C
HumidityRelative humidity range (operation): max. 95% non-condensing
Relative humidity range (storage): max. 95% non-condensing
Weight168 g (w/o SA-Adapters)
Vibration(sinusoidal): 1 g, 10 Hz - 150 Hz (EN 60068-2-6)
(function): 1 m/s², 5 Hz - 150 Hz (EN 61373)
(lifetime): 7.9 m/s², 5 Hz - 150 Hz (EN 61373)
Shock• 15 g, 11 ms (EN 60068-2-27)
• 50 m/s², 30 ms (EN 61373)
MTBF529 954 h @ 40°C according to IEC/TR 62380 (RDF 2000)
Safety/CertificationPCB manufactured with a flammability rating of 94V-0 by UL recognized manufacturers
EMCTested according to EN 55022 (radio disturbance), IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) and IEC 61000-4-4 (burst)
Warranty2 Years



8 HP FPGA-based universal interface prepared for direct connection of 2x CAN (first slot), 2x UART and 1x 8-bit GPIO (second slot) at front as standard FPGA content plus space for user-defined functions, -40..+85°C with qualified components (SA-Adapters to be ordered separately)
RS232, not optically isolated, 0..+60°C

RS422/485, half duplex, optically isolated, 0..+60°C

RS422/485, full duplex, optically isolated, 0..+60°C

RS422/485, full duplex, optically isolated, -40..+85°C screened

1 RS232, optically isolated, 0..+60°C

1 RS232, optically isolated, -40..+85°C screened

CAN ISO high-speed, optically isolated, -40..+85°C screened

8 digital I/O channels, -40..+85°C with qualified components, no RoHS

IBIS master SA-Adapter, -40..+85°C screened

IBIS slave SA-Adapter, -40..+85°C screened

GPS receiver, isolated, -40..+85°C screened
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