Aitech P226

VME64x Compliant Voltages, MIL-STD-704A and D Input Compliance

Manufacturer: Aitech
Aitech P226

Designed for harsh environment applications, the Aitech P226 is a versatile and reliable 6U VME power supply providing VME systems with an exceptionally wide input voltage range to assure excellent load and line regulation.
Input power can vary from 16 to 36 Vdc, with a drop to 14 Vdc for up to 45 seconds and 12 Vdc for 3 seconds. For EMI reduction, an input line filter is used to reduce the input reflected ripple.

The power supply outputs four VME64x compliant voltages, each featuring a hold-up time of 4 ms (50 ms hold-up time with optional capacitor bank module). The four outputs are provided by four DC-to-DC converters, with a total power rating of up to 300 W, and a minimum of 500 V isolation from input to output, thus eliminating any possibility of ground loops.

All outputs are individually protected against short-circuit and overvoltage. The power supply asserts all three VME 64x control signals - SYSRST, SYSFAIL and ACFAIL. All output voltages have sense lines to ensure voltage stability for high current loads.

The power supply includes a fan control circuit to control and monitor the operation of a 28 Vdc cooling fan. A temperature monitoring and control circuit controls fan operation, issues an alarm to indicate power supply over
temperature, and shuts the power supply off if the temperature reaches damaging levels. In addition, the P226 is equipped with sophisticated BIT logic that monitors inputs and outputs, temperature, and fan status, and provides the VME and BIT status signals.

Three discrete inputs enable the power supply and the fan to be turned on and off remotely.

Eight indicator LEDs provide a convenient visual indication of power supply status, indicating proper output voltages and power supply status.


Input16 - 36 Volt DC Input Range with Drop to 14 V for 45s and 12V for 3s
Output(s)5 V @ 46 A, 3.3V @ 15A, ±12 V @ 1.0 A each
175 Watts Total Rated Power
Efficiency85% Typical Efficiency
OtherMIL-STD-704A and D Input Compliance (704A compliance for damage)
EMI/RFI Input Filter
Input Transient Protection
Input Reverse Polarity Protection
Output Over/Undervoltage and Short-Circuit Protections
4ms Hold-up Time (50 ms Hold-up Time with Optional Capacitor Bank Module
Input/Output and Chassis Isolation
Thermal Shutdown
External ON/OFF Control, DC Fan Output Drive and Control
Internal BIT Status and Alarms for Voltages, Currents, and Temperatures


ElectricalSee power specification
MechanicalConduction cooled
Conformal CoatingConformal coating on request
TemperatureSeries-200 Rugged
• Temperature range (operation): -40 to +71C
• Temperature range (storage): -50 to +100C

Series-400 Military
• Temperature range (operation): -55 to +85C
• Temperature range (storage): -62 to +125C

Ruggedisation level is determined in the part numbering scheme - refer to datasheet for further details
HumiditySeries-200 Rugged, Series-400 Military: 0-95% or 0 to 100% with coating
AltitudeSeries-200 Rugged, Series-400 Military: 70,000ft
VibrationSeries-200 Rugged
• Conduction-cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.1 g2/Hz
• Conduction-cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/10g
• Air-Cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.04 g2/Hz
• Air-Cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 10-100Hz/2g

Series-400 Military
• Conduction-cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.1 g2/Hz
• Conduction-cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/10g
• Air-Cooled: Random (g2/Hz): 20-2000Hz/0.04 g2/Hz
• Air-Cooled: Sine (g PEAK): 50-500Hz/5.5g
ShockSeries-200 Rugged: Conduction-cooled: 40g/11ms, 100g/6ms
Series-400 Military: Conduction-cooled: 40g/11ms, 100g/6ms
Warranty1 Year



BoardRefer to datasheet for ordering information
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