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VX3042 is the Kontron 3U VPX rugged Single Board Computer with Intel® HD Graphics 4000 and multiple 10G Ethernet. The SBC implements a new architecture poised to address specific applications and offer the ultimate performance for the Military, Aerospace and Transportation markets. Based on Intel®’s 3rd Generation Core™ i7 high performance computing architecture, and supported by Kontron Long Term Supply (LTS) services, VX3042 offers the best feature set.

The perfect blade for Console and Rugged Servers

In today‘s network-centric battlefield, console and high-end servers applications require rugged computers to operate in the most difficult environments. Kontron VX3042 is designed around a high-end Dual Core CPU. This SBC features a configurable TDP, enabling to adjust the board performance to the exact mission profile required. Providing up to 16 GB DDR3-SDRAM, multiple Ethernet 10G and an XMC support, the VX3042 offers numerous configuration variants.

The design is tailored to support systems with high size, weight and power and cooling demands

Designed for PCIe Gen3 8GB/s. I/O extensions at peak bandwidth. 4 SATA ports to the backplane: for secure RAID storage applications

VX3042 is compatible with all Kontron VPX building blocks (Payload boards, carriers, switches, backplanes, OS and drivers) and offers backward compatibility with the previous product generations (VX303x SBCs).
Write the code once, run on all the product line.

Long Term Supply (LTS)
Kontron Extended Life Cycle offers a 15-year life cycle organization on top of Intel® embedded product line silicon life cycle. VX3042 is the ideal candidate for long term programs in compact high performance parallel computing solutions.


CPU SpecThird Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor (22-nanometer silicon technology):
• Intel® Core™ i7-3517UE Processor (4M cache, 2 execution cores, 4 threads)
• Dual Core, user configurable TDP 25W/2.2 GHz, 17W/1.7 GHz, 14W/0.8 GHz
ChipsetMobile Intel® QM77 Express Chipset
MemoryUp to 16 GB dual channel DDR3 SDRAM running at 1066 MHz, with ECC, soldered
GraphicsIntegrated Graphics Core, Intel® HD graphics 4000
Up to 3 simultaneous graphics heads:
• One mini DisplayPort on front panel
• Two DisplayPorts available on VPX backplane
NetworkOne i82599 10/1 Gigabit Controller connecting two SerDes links (10GBASE-KR or 1000BASE-BX) on VPX backplane
10GBASE-KR links can be used for backplane board interconnect and/or for SFP+rear cage according SFI specification (redriver recommended)
One i82579 PHY connected on front panel or VPX backplane (user selection) for 1000BASE-T operation
StorageNAND Flash Option: Up to 32 GB SATA Nand Flash storage
• One serial 256 Kbit EEPROM dedicated to system data
• One serial 256 Kbit EEPROM dedicated to application data
SerialSIO1028 provides two serial lines
Front I/OGraphics: 1x mini DisplayPort connector
USB: 1x USB 2.0 ports, 4-pin standard USB connectors
Gigabit Ethernet:
• 1x RJ-45 connectors: Ethernet 1000BASE-T
• Note: This port is configurable from the BIOS to be routed to the VPX P1 connector instead of the front connector
Serial: 1x RJ12 connector: EIA-232/EIA-485 UART interface for CPU
LEDs: 5 LEDs reporting the board CPU health status and activity
Reset: Reset push button
Rear I/ORear I/O via P0/P1/P2:
1 x8 gen3 PCIe, non transparent capability, on P1
1x1 additional PCIe interface, gen2, on P2
2 SATA 3 links on P1
2 additional SATA 2 links on P2
2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0 links on P1
2 additional USB 2.0 links on P2
2 SerDes 10GBASE-KR, SFP+/SFI or 1000BASE-BX on P1
1 1000BASE-T on P1, optional 2nd 1000BASE-T on P2
3 User GPIOs on P1, including OpenVPX GDISCRETE1, and MASKABLE RESET and 3 additional GPIOs on P0
2 DisplayPort on P2
OtherWatchdog: PLD-based, timeout ranging from 2 ?s to 510s, IRQ, Reset, dual-stage
System CPLD:
• One CPLD Board controller for power sequencing, reset handling, monitoring, failure detection, VPX I2C communication.
• Provides configuration/status registers on LPC interface
RTC: Separated low power RTC with optional onboard battery
CPU Debug Interface: XDP port for CPU extended debug port connection (only available on a debug connector and need additional test board for XDP access)
BIOS8 MB FLASH, with recovery image and uEFI BIOS settings


ExpansionVPX Slot Profiles
• SLT3-PAY-2F2U-14.2.3
• SLT3-PAY-1F1F2U-14.2.4
• SLT3-PAY-1F1U-14.2.10

XMC Slot: One 8x PCIe to the XMC slot, x8d VITA 46.9 XMC I/O routing, plus 4 single ended pins
ElectricalOn P0: VS1=12V, VS3=5V, 3.3V_AUX optional, +12V_AUX and VS2 (3.3V) not connected
34W typical power consumption
Conformal CoatingSA - Standard Commercial: Conformal coating on request
RA - Rugged Air-Cooled: Conformal coating as standard
RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled: Conformal coating as standard
SoftwareMicrosoft Windows™
WindRiver VxWorks®
Support for other operating systems may be available upon request
TemperatureSA - Standard Commercial:
• Operation: 0 to +55°C
• Storage: -45 to +85°C
• 26 cfm airflow required, convection cooled
• VITA 47-Class AC1

RA - Rugged Air-Cooled:
• Operation: -40 to +71°C
• Storage: -45 to +100°C
• Airflow tba, convection cooled
• VITA 47-Class AC3

RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled:
• Operation: -40 to +71°C/+85°C option
• Storage: -45 to +100°C
• No airflow required, conduction cooled
• VITA 47-Class CCE3, CC4 option
HumiditySA - Standard Commercial: 90% without condensation
RA - Rugged Air-Cooled: 95% without condensation
RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled: 95% without condensation
Altitude-1,500 to 60,000 ft (all versions)
VibrationSA - Standard Commercial: 20-500 Hz - 2g
RA - Rugged Air-Cooled: 5-2,000 Hz - 3g
RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled: 20-2,000 Hz - 5g
ShockSA - Standard Commercial: 20g/11 ms Half Sine
RA - Rugged Air-Cooled: 40g/11 ms Half Sine
RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled: 40g/11 ms Half Sine
Warranty2 Years
Recab UK
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