Kontron VX305C

Up to 32 GB (ECC) DDR4 RAM, Dual 10G Ethernet, Air or Conduction Cooled

Manufacturer: Kontron
Kontron VX305C

Building on Kontron's successful VX3058, the VX305C 3U VPX Single Board Computer uses the highly integrated 12-core Intel® Xeon® D process, supporting Dual 10 Gigabit Ethernet, high bandwidth PCI Express 3.0, and high-speed DDR4 memory. As a result, it is SWaP-C optimized with versatile mezzanine options for XMC, storage, graphics, M.2, and I/O. Combined with Kontron's advanced switch technologies and VxFabricTM for significantly higher I/O bandwidth, and combined with centralized health management, VX305C is a logical choice for both high thread count and high performance embedded computing applications.


Typical programs are :

  • radar, sonar
  • imaging systems
  • airborne fighter and UAV radar
  • long-term programs in harsh environments


VX305C provides two 10 GBASE-KR ports and 8 lanes Gen3 PCI Express to the backplane. A 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch and a PCI Express Switch can be complemented with two respective single star data planes. Thanks to Kontron VxFabricTM, a unique API extends the TCP/IP protocol over the PCI Express infrastructure. Kontron’s sample turnkey system StarVX implements this architecture, enabling a significantly higher I/O bandwidth. While computing power has been continuously increasing in the past, and I/O bandwidth did not, the balance of both is back again by Kontron StarVX. VX305C makes it a powerful, leading edge Multi-CPU computing node architecture.


Kontron provides a Long Term Supply program service (LTS) for over 15 years. Intel communicates silicon reliability is 10 years. A comprehensive Health Management is optionally available to support easy field maintenance. All this makes the VX305C an ideal candidate for long-term programs.


CPU SpecIntel® Xeon® D-1559
• Twelve Core™, TDD 35W, 1.5 GHz/2.1 GHz TURBO
• 12 execution cores, 24 threads, 18 MByte Cache
ChipsetIntegrated PCH
MemoryUp to 32 GByte dual channel DDR4 SDRAM running at 2133 MT/s, with ECC, soldered
GraphicsHDMI connector as option. This includes a HDMI front-I/O module and a M.2 mezzanine for 2D graphics. Remark: HDMI front I/O and XMC support are exclusive
DVI port on P2 as option. This includes a M.2 mezzanine for 2D graphics.
Network2 10GBASE-KR or 1000BASE-KX on P1
1 1000BASE-T on P1, 2nd 1000BASE-T on P2 (both front/rear switchable, onboard magnetics)
StorageM.2 SSD module option: Type M, 22 mm x 42 mm
2 SATA 6 Gb/s links on P1, 2 additional SATA 6 Gb/s links on P2
USBFront: 1x USB 2.0 port
Rear: USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0 port on P1, 1 additional USB 2.0 link on P2
SerialFront: 1x RJ-11 connector: Two EIA-232 interfaces or one EIA-485 interface from CPU, without hardware flow control
Rear: 2 serial lines (Rx, Tx only) on P2, for RS-232 or RS-422/485 by using dynamic configuration


ExpansionVPX Slot Profiles
• SLT3-PAY-2F2U-14.2.3
• SLT3-PAY-1F1F2U-14.2.4
• SLT3-PAY-1F1U-14.2.10
ElectricalOn P0: VS1=12V and 3.3V_AUX; VS2 not used; VS3=5V not used; -12V_AUX for XMC slot option
Conformal CoatingSA - Standard Commercial: Conformal coating on request
RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled: Conformal coating as standard
SoftwareLinux Fedora 21
Windows, VxWorks on request
TemperatureSA - Standard Commercial:
• Operation: 0 to +55°C
• Storage: -45 to +85°C
• Airflow: 20 cfm typ. for 35 W TDP
• VITA 47-Class V1

RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled:
• Operation: -40 to +70/85°C
• Storage: -45 to +100°C
• No airflow required, conduction cooled
• VITA 47-Class V3
HumiditySA - Standard Commercial: 90% without condensation
RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled: 95% without condensation
Altitude-1,500 to 60,000 ft (all versions)
VibrationSA - Standard Commercial: 20-500 Hz - 2g
RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled: 20-2,000 Hz - 5g
ShockSA - Standard Commercial: 20g/11 ms Half Sine
RC - Rugged Conduction-Cooled: 40g/11 ms Half Sine
Warranty2 Years




VX305C 3U VPX SBC CONDUCTION COOLED 5HP (1’’) / 12 core Intel® Xeon® D processor, 32 GByte DDR4-SDRAM with ECC, I/O: 2x10 GbE, 3x USB (1 USB3), 4x SATA, PCIe x8 gen3 TPM present, No Wibu

VX305C 3U VPX SBC CONDUCTION COOLED 5HP (1’’) / 12 core Intel® Xeon® D processor, 32 GByte DDR4-SDRAM with ECC, I/O: 2x 10 GbE, 3x USB (1 USB3), 4x SATA, PCIe x8 gen3 TPM present, No Wibu / INCLUDES PBIT LICENSE
Accessories: N/A
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