Panel PC System

This customer approached Diamond Point with a requirement for a railway grade panel PC for use in a driver cab. This project was unusual in that the customer had already decided on the system internals but just required a system integrator to design a chassis and integrate the parts.

The customer had a number of key requirements:

  • Railway compliant unit
  • MEN Mikro SBC board
  • 7" display
  • mSATA storage
  • Fanless operation

The customer's requirements could be achieved via standard off of the shelf boards - so a customised PCB wasn't necessary. The aim of this project was to design an enclosure for these boards. The enclosure was designed in such a way that the heat from the motherboard was dissipated via fins on the rear of the unit.


  • M12 for USB, serial, Ethernet and power
  • SMA/R-SMA for WiFi and mobile data
  • microSD (accessible via removable cover)
  • MIL-C-38999 for power/connectivity