COM Express Carrier


This customer approached Diamond Point with a requirement for a motherboard with multiple serial I/O and Gigabit Ethernet channels. This was for a military application for capturing video streams and controlling devices via serial ports.

The customer had a number of key requirements:

  • Modern Intel Core i7 processor
  • Four RS-232 serial ports
  • Ten RS-422 serial ports
  • Two RS-485 serial ports
  • Nine Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Three miniPCI-e slots for expansion
  • GPS receiver built-in
  • VxWorks support/BSP
  • Conduction cooled via underside to customer's enclosure

This was a requirement with significant I/O - no off the shelf motherboard would be able to provide this.

A COM Express solution due to the sheer amount of I/O required. A Kontron type 6 COM Express module with a VxWorks BSP was chosen as the core module. A carrier board was designed to meet the customer's requirements. Two quad-port Intel Ethernet controllers were integrated onto the carrier (in addition to the single GbE coming from the type 6 COMe module) to provide the nine Ethernet ports. Two eight-port serial UART ICs were integrated along the appropriate level shifters to provide the serial I/O required. GPS was realised through a Trimble surface-mount GPS receiver. Three miniPCIe slots (each with SIM slot)were also provided for expansion.


  • All via standard IDC pin headers to the customer could make their own cables.