Computer on Modules

We know Computer on Modules. 

We have been involved since the early days of X-Board, DIMM-PC and ETX through to the current crop of COM Express®, SMARC, Qseven and the new COM-HPC. 

Here you will also find a range of GPGPU carrier boards and our range of modules for managed Ethernet Switch designs. 

We can work with you to select the right modules, thermal solutions, memory and storage and COTS carrier boards. 

If you want to outsource carrier board design and production, we are your go-to solution provider. With over 100 designs deployed in the field, we can apply our knowledge and class-leading suppliers, to enable your project to get to market faster and be successful. 

As well as hardware solutions, we also assist customers with BIOS, bootloader, CPLD, graphics and network drivers and with carrier boards featuring analogue and digital IO circuits, graphics devices, FPGA and Ethernet switches. 


What is a Computer on Module?

Learn all about Computer on Modules, their uses and the differences in specifications with our infographic. Click here or on the image below to view the full infographic.




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