COM-HPC™ is not "sometime in the future", it is now coming soon!

Newly ratified by the PICMG group, the new COM-HPC™ standard has been pioneered by sponsors ADLink, Congatec and Kontron.

Recab UK are computer-on-module experts and we are proud to work with Congatec and Kontron and will be bringing the very latest technology to the UK and Irish customers from these market leaders.

Recab UK is also the go-to solution provider for carrier board designs with COMexpress, so it stands to reason, we should be your first port of call for COM-HPC designs!

Our aim is simple: get you to market with a successful product, as quickly as possible. 

Fast-turn prototypes, thermal modelling, storage and memory expertise and our experience in multi-module and combined designs (i.e. COM + Ethernet Switch or COM + Graphics MXM) are among the many advantages we can offer our customers.




COM-HPC module families will follow two main groups: COM-HPC Clients and COM-HPC Servers.


COM-HPC Client will target:

  • Computing performance up to 65W processor TDP
  • Up to 48 + 1 PCIexpress Gen 3/4/5 lanes
  • Up to 4 Graphics interfaces for independent or extended displays
  • Up to two 10/25 Gb Ethernet interfaces
  • Size A: 95x120mm (1x SODIMM), Size B: 120x120mm (1x SODIMM), Size C: 160x120mm (2x SODIMM)

COM-HPC Server will target:

  • Computing performance up to 125W processor TDP
  • Up to 64 + 1 PCIexpress Gen 3/4/5 lanes
  • No graphics - but up to 8x 10/25 Gb Ethernet interfaces
  • Size D: 160x160mm (4x DIMM), Size E 200x160mm (up to 8x DIMM)