Kontron COMe Ref.Carrier–i T6 TMI

Industrial temp COM Express™ Type 6 Baseboard for COM Express® Basic/Compact Form Factors

Manufacturer: Kontron
Kontron COMe Ref.Carrier–i T6 TMI

The Kontron Reference Carrier Board for future-oriented COMs with Pin-out Type 6 is a small reference design for small and portable solutions with comprehensive connectivity including USB 3.0/2.0, three Digital Display Interfaces (1x DisplayPort, 2x mini DisplayPort),  Mini PCIe card slots, an M.2 socket and a SIM-card socket.

The Reference Carrier Board in mini-ITX form factor is specifically designed for environmental testing where the solution is subjected to the extended temperature range (E2) -40°C to +85°C.


CPU SpecCOM Express® Pin-out Type 6 compatible COM Rev 2.1.
GraphicsThree digital display interfaces (DDI):
• DDI1: DisplayPort++ connector from COMe DDI1 with redriver IC
• DDI2: Mini DisplayPort++ connector from COMe DDI2 with redriver IC
• DDI3: Mini DisplayPort++ connector from COMe DDI3 with redriver IC
LVDS: LVDS / JILI connector (24-bit, dual-channel LVDS)
Embedded DisplayPort: Mini DisplayPort++ connector via eDP (optional, instead of LVDS)
NetworkTwo Gigabit Ethernet interfaces:
• GbE#0 on RJ45 connector via COMe basic/compact Type 6 module
• GbE#1 on RJ45 connector via the onboard GbE controller (Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-IT)
StorageFour SATA 6 Gb/s interfaces:
• SATA#0 via standard 22-pin SATA plug connector (with redriver ICs)
• SATA#1 for the mSATA socket / Mini PCIe full-size card slot (with redriver ICs)
• SATA#2 muxed with PEG#0 for the M.2 interface (with redriver ICs)
• SATA#3 via standard 22-pin SATA receptacle connector (with redriver ICs)
M.2 socket via PEG#[0-3] and SATA#2 (muxed with PEG#0)
USBEight USB 2.0 interfaces:
• Two USB 2.0 interfaces (USB#[0;1]) for USB 3.0/2.0 double-stack connector
• Two USB 2.0 interfaces (USB#[2;3]) for USB 3.0/2.0 pin header
• Two USB 2.0 interfaces (USB#[4;5]) for USB 2.0 double-stack connector
• One USB 2.0 interface (USB#6) for PCIe#0 (Mini PCIe half-size interface)
• One USB 2.0 interface (USB#7) for PCIe#1 (Mini PCIe full-size/mSATA interface)
Four USB 3.0 interfaces:
• Two USB 3.0 interfaces (USB_SS#[0;1]) for USB 3.0/2.0 double-stack connector
• Two USB 3.0 interfaces (USB_SS#[2;3]) for USB 3.0/2.0 pin header
Serial2 RS-232 COM ports (RX/TX only) via pin headers,
AudioFour HD Audio interfaces:
• Rear panel line-in connector
• Rear panel SPK/line-out connector
• Front panel HD audio header
• S/PDIF header
OtherFlash Memory: One SPI BIOS socket for SPI flash ICs with up to 16 MB flash memory
EEPROM: EEPROM with 32 kbit on the carrier (FRUPROM)
GPIO: Four GPIs and four GPOs via the 10-pin GPIO pin header
OptionsCarrier EEPROM


ExpansionThree PCIe interfaces:
• PCIe#0 for Mini PCIe 2.0 half-size card slot connected to the SIM card slot
• PCIe#1 for Mini PCIe 2.0 full-size card slot muxed with SATA#1 (mSATA) and connected to the SIM card slot
• PCIe#2 for the onboard Gigabit Ethernet controller
ElectricalPower input 1: 12V only
Power input 2: 8.5V - 30V wide input range
Consumption depends on attached COM Express module
MechanicalCOM Express® carrier, pinout Type 6, Thin-mITX form factor, 170 mm x 170 mm
Max. component height:
• Top side: 16.2 mm
• Bottom side: 5.4 mm
SoftwareN/A (depends on module)
TemperatureOperation (standard): -40 to 85°C
Operation (storage): -40 to 85°C
Humidity93% RH at 40°C, non-condensing (acc. to IEC 60068-2-78)
Warranty2 Years


Ordering Details

Board38115-0000-00-0 COMe Ref. Carrier-i T6 Thin-MiniITX Professional
38115-0000-00-1 COMe Ref. Carrier-i T6 Thin-MiniITX Value
38115-0000-00-2 COMe Ref. Carrier-i T6 Thin-MiniITX Entry

Please refer to table 1 in the user manual to compare/contrast available features between carriers

Note - no COM Express® modules or heat-spreaders are included - please order separately.

Please note that boards are supplied with no cables, software or manuals.
Software/manuals are available electronically.
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