Kontron ETX-LX2

Low powered but high performance

Manufacturer: Kontron
Kontron ETX-LX2

The ETX-LX2 (Embedded Technology eXtended) is a highly integrated and fast PC module with extremely low power consumption.  It allows, due to the used AMD LX800 processor, the usage of the board without active cooling in applications, where space limitations (the maximum height without heat sink is only 10 mm!) are major requirements. Despite the very little board dimensions, the EXT-LX2 offers all standard interfaces such as sound, Ethernet, USB2.0, graphic and TVout. The AC97 compatible sound chip is supported by most operating systems. For networking purposes, the ETX-LX2 comes with a Davicom 10/100 MBit Ethernet controller.

You´re looking for a secure and EMI tolerant boot medium and want to be unlimited in your media capacity choice? A CompactFlash™ socket is already mounted on the ETX-LX2 and offers you a lot of possibilities. For further expansions two IDE ports with Ultra66 DMA capabilities are available. They do not provide the PCI bus only, the ISA bus signals are also available. A lot of existing ISA boards can still be used via an ISA slot on a baseboard. This avoids expensive redesigns and well proven ISA cards to PCI versions for standard PC motherboards. Despite the unbelievable variety of functionality, the EXT-LX2 is a very inexpensive choice, the cost-effectiveness of this device is unbeatable. It also takes advantage of the new ETX 3.0 specification that allows for 2 Serial ATA ports without violating the existing ETX 2.8 pin usage (see picture on right)


The ETX-LX went EOL due to the fact that Intel no longer manufacturer the Ethernet controller used on that board (Intel ® 82551ER). The ETX-LX2 uses an alternative 10/100 controller, the Davicom DM9102H. Additionally, Kontron changed one other component due to obsolescence reasons (AC97 codec ALC203-LF replaced by LM4549B AC97 codec) and moved one other IC to optimise memory socket usage.

Kontron are 100% sure that aside from requiring a different Ethernet driver that the ETX-LX2 is a 100% backwards replacement for the ETX-LX. To summarise:

  • Compliant to existing Baseboards
  • Same mechanical layout and dimensions
  • No change in power and performance
  • Uses same memory modules as ETX-LX
  • Uses same heatspreaders as ETX-LX



CPU SpecAMD LX800 CPU 500MHz, with integrated graphic
Cache 16 kByte 1st Level
ChipsetAMD® Geode™ CS5536 Companion Device
Memory1 DDR-DIMM socket, max. 1GByte DDR-SDRAM
GraphicsCRT: SXGA (1280x1024) with 16 Bit
LCD: UXGA (1600x1200) with 16 Bit
Versions for LVDS and TTL (digital) LCD displays
Network10/100Base-Tx, Davicom DM9102H
StorageCompactFlash™ socket on board
2x EIDE interface Ultra66 DMA mode
2x SATA interfaces (150mb/sec)
Shared floppy interface.
ExpansionETX Interface
USB4x USB 2.0 (EHCI)
Serial2x TTL Serial Ports (16550 compatible)
AudioAC97 sound controller, line-input / output and microphone
OtherEPP/ECP, bi-directional parallel port
CommonEvaluation baseboard available
Remote control software available
BIOSPhoenix - Award BIOS



ElectricalAll ETX modules are 5V powered
500 MHz AMD LX800
WinXP 100% Load: 7.98W
WinXP Idle: 6.62W
Standby S1: 5.99W
Standby S5: 0.14W
Mechanical95 x 114mm (3.7x4.5“)
TemperatureOperation (standard): 0° to 60°C
Operation (EXT version): -25° to 75°C
Storage: -30° to 85°C
HumidityOperation: 10% to 90%, storage: 5% to 95% (non condensing)
MTBF142148 hours (16.2 years) @ 40°C
Warranty2 Years


Ordering Details

Board18041-0000-50-4 ETX-LX 500 MHz AMD LX800 CPU, graphic, sound, Ethernet and LVDS LCD
18041-0000-50-5 ETX-LX 500 MHz AMD LX800 CPU, graphic, sound, Ethernet and TTL LCD

The ETX-LX2 modules come without a heatspreader (see accessories)

Please note that boards are supplied with no cables, software or manuals.
Software/manuals are available electronically.
Accessories18027-0000-99-0 HSP-LX 2.5mm threaded heatspreader
18027-0000-99-1 HSP-LX 2.5mm through hole heatspreader

Kontron DRAM:
97007-2560-00-0 DDR-SODIMM memory module with 256 MByte (0° to 60°C)
97007-5120-00-0 DDR-SODIMM memory module with 512 MByte (0° to 60°C)
97007-1024-00-0 DDR-SODIMM memory module with 1 GByte (0° to 60°C)

18010-0000-00-S ETX Starter Kit

Starter kit contains ETXeval board,CD-ROM, no memory, FDD, docs & PSU (add ETX module, DRAM & heatspreader to suit)

18010-0000-00-0 ETXeval - ATX ETX Evaluation Board
96047-0000-00-0 JRC1 Remote Control Software with serial cable

18011-0000-00-0 ETX SAMPLE SMT receptacle connector for ETX (2.5mm tall, 4 pcs)
18011-0000-00-1 ETX SMT receptacle connector for ETX (2.5mm tall, 1000 pcs)
18011-0000-01-0 ETX SAMPLE SMT receptacle connector for ETX (9.5mm tall, 4 pcs)
18011-0000-01-1 ETX SMT receptacle connector for ETX (9.5mm tall, 500 pcs)
Each ETX module requires 4 of these connectors - most customers use 2.5mm version

18017-0000-00-0 ETX MOUNTING KIT (For one board, 2.5mm height)
18017-0400-00-0 ETX MOUNTING KIT (For 100 boards, 2.5mm height)
18017-1000-00-0 ETX MOUNTING KIT (For 1000 boards, 2.5mm height)
18017-0095-00-0 ETX MOUNTING KIT (For one board, 9.5mm height)
18017-1094-00-0 ETX MOUNTING KIT (For 1000 boards, 9.5mm height)
ETX mounting kit is for ETX boards with standard threaded heatspreaders
2.5mm version contains per board four of: 2.5mm screws, 3mm spacers & washers
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