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The CanTainer is a rugged PC/104 enclosure system constructed of .125" aluminium and designed for hostile and mobile environments. It features a dual system of shock and vibration isolation: The PC/104 modules are mounted axially in the enclosure with four internal rubber corner rails to absorb high-frequency vibrations, while the entire enclosure is mounted on the host platform with a thick rubber pad which absorbs low-frequency G-forces. The rubber pad may be removed for optional mounting solutions such as hard mounting, flange endcap, or fluidic mount assembly.

The CanTainer enclosure cross-section measures 6.00" wide by 5.45" high (not including mounting pad) and is designed to mount PC/104 boards axially along the entire length of the enclosure body. The enclosure is available in standard lengths from 2" and 12" with custom lengths up to 48".

To mount non-PC/104 boards or items such as hard drives that are larger than 3.550" x 3.775", there is an optional septum plate. These install vertically into rails that run the length of the enclosure. For smaller items, an optional PC/104-size aluminium plate allows for direct mounting in the PC/104 stack. Each CanTainer is available as a kit with mounting accessories. Blank and pre-designed endcaps are available separately, or the customer may design their own cutouts using one of our CanTainer endcap templates. These rugged enclosures have been protecting PC104 systems all over the world in the harshest environments the mining, transportation, military, and aerospace industries have to offer.


  • The CT104 CanTainer is a rugged anodized aluminium PC/104 enclosure designed for harsh environments.
  • With an isolating shock mount and an internal stack vibration mount, the CT104 provides maximum protection from high-frequency vibrations and low-frequency G-forces.
  • Internal rubber corners guides allow for easy insertion of PC/104 modules.
  • Custom sizes and end caps available.
  • Standard 2", 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12" sizes
  • A dual system of isolating and absorbing shock
  • Corner guides, rubber stops, glue, end cap screws
  • Protects and enhances the reliability of PC/104 components


Tri-M understands that their customers have different needs for the I/O endcaps. Therefore, they will produce customized and OEM versions of the Can-Tainer to meet your application. Simply modify the standard endcap drawings below, available in PDF, DWG, and DXF, and send it back to us.

Endcaps With No Openings

  • PDF format of Can-Tainer endcaps with no openings
  • DWG format of Can-Tainer endcaps with no openings
  • DXF format of Can-Tainer endcaps with no openings

Endcaps With 4x DB9 and 2x DB25

  • PDF format of Can-Tainer endcaps with 4x DB9 and 2x DB25
  • DWG format of Can-Tainer endcaps with 4x DB9 and 2x DB25
  • DXF format of Can-Tainer endcaps with 4x DB9 and 2x DB25


GeneralAnodized aluminium enclosure with a rubber isolating shock mount and internal stack vibration mount
Black anodized aluminium
Black rubber
CapacityBased on horizontal mounting in the PC/104 Can-Tainer;:
• 2" - fits 3 modules (limited room when 3 boards are fitted for connectors)
• 4" - fits 5 modules
• 5" - fits 6 modules
• 6" - fits 8 modules
• 8" - fits 11 modules
• 10" - fits 14 modules
• 12" - fits 17 modules
Mechanical1/8" of extruded aluminium on the body
1/16" of aluminium for endcaps
Absorbing parts are made from high-density rubber
Custom I/O endcaps possible (MOQ applies)

PC/104 modules may be mounted horizontally (HM) or vertically (VM). In the HM method, the PC/104 modules are securely held by the rubber corners system. Accessory equipment, such as batteries and transmitters, may be attached to a PC/104-AL mounting plate and included in the PC/104 stack. For the VM method, the PC/104 stack is mounted to a vertical divider, CT6-VD00 or CT8-VD00. The vertical divider with the PC/104 stack installed is then slid into the vertical card slots in the Can-Tainer; case. Accessory equipment, such as batteries and transmitters, may be attached to the opposite side of the vertical divider.
IP/NMEANEMA rating of 4 when used with supplied gaskets (and suitable connectors)
IP and NEMA are similar enclosure ratings - NEMA4 is equivalent to IP66 according to most sources.


Mechanical5.4" x 6.0" x length.
Available in 2", 4", 6", 8", 10" or 12" lengths
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40°C to +85°C
Temperature range (storage): -40°C to +85°C
Weight2" Can-Tainer; Kit=930g
4" Can-Tainer; Kit=930g
5" Can-Tainer; Kit=1265g
6" Can-Tainer; Kit=1265g
8" Can-Tainer; Kit=2085g
10" Can-Tainer; Kit=2276g
12" Can-Tainer; Kit=2564g
Warranty1 Year
Recab UK
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