Connect Tech Xtreme/PSU Isolated

Multiple Bus Options, +5V, +12v, -12v, 3.3v & +5v SB, Extended Temperature

Manufacturer: Connect Tech Inc
Connect Tech Xtreme/PSU Isolated

Connect Tech’s Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply is a high efficiency, high powered Isolated PC/104 form factor power supply with extended temperature capabilities. Xtreme/PSU Isolated provides isolated power to onboard terminal block connectors and also directly powers all of the PC/104 family expansion buses such as PC/104, PC/104-Plus, PCI-104, PCI/104-Express and PCIe/104.

Xtreme/PSU Isolated is a highly reliable power supply that provides up to 195W of total output power with +3.3V, +5V, and +12V output voltages. It can be used as a stand-alone power supply to power any other embedded system or used directly to power any PC/104 stack or single-board computer (SBC).

Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply has a wide input voltage range that accepts +9V to +36V DC and is specifically designed for use in a broad range of rugged applications including military, industrial, and air and ground vehicles. Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply can be used in combination with Connect Tech’s stackable CPU and expansion boards for a total design solution.


Connect Tech’s Xtreme/PSU Isolated power supply is available in 3 different power series (LP, SP, HP) for an ideal end power solution:

LP (PXG201, PXG202, PXG203, PXG204, PXG205, PXG206):

  • Input Voltage Range +9V to +36V DC
  • Isolation Rating 1.5kV 
  • +3.3V Output Current 20A 
  • +5V Output Current 15A 
  • +12V Output Current N/A 
  • Total Power 141W

SP (PXG101, PXG102, PXG103, PXG104, PXG105, PXG106):

  • Input Voltage Range +9V to +36V DC
  • Isolation Rating 1.5kV 
  • +3.3V Output Current 5A  
  • +5V Output Current 15A* 
  • +12V Output Current 6A 
  • Total Power 147W

HP (PXG301, PXG302, PXG303, PXG304, PXG305, PXG306):

  • Input Voltage Range  +18V to + 36V DC 
  • Isolation Rating 2.25kV 
  • +3.3V Output Current 5A 
  • +5V Output Current 15A* 
  • +12V Output Current 10A 
  • Total Power 195W

* SP & HP +3.3V rail is derived from the +5V rail 


Connect Tech’s Xtreme/PSU Isolated product family includes the following part numbers and build options:

Xtreme/PSU Isolated Power Supply - SP:

  • PXG101: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PC/104-Plus)
  • PXG102: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PC/104)
  • PXG103: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCI-104)
  • PXG104: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCIe/104)
  • PXG105: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCI/104-Express)
  • PXG106: Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (Embedded)

Xtreme/PSU Isolated Power Supply - LP:

  • PXG201: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PC/104-Plus)
  • PXG202: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PC/104)
  • PXG203: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCI-104)
  • PXG204: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCIe/104)
  • PXG205: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCI/104-Express)
  • PXG206: Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (Embedded)

Xtreme/PSU Isolated Power Supply - HP:

  • PXG301: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PC/104-Plus)
  • PXG302: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PC/104)
  • PXG303: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCI-104)
  • PXG304: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCIe/104)
  • PXG305: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCI/104-Express)
  • PXG306: Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (Embedded)


InputPower Requirements: +9V to +36V DC
Input Protection: Reverse polarity, transient voltage and fuse protection
Output(s)Up to 195W
+3.3V, +5V and +12V rails
Output Ripple/Noise: Less than 100mV p-p
Output Protection: Over-temperature and overload protection
See above for more details regarding current
EfficiencyMaximum 92%
Isolation2250V Max
• Output: 3.5mm pitch standard terminal block header and mating plug
• Input: 5mm pitch standard terminal block header and mating plug

Control: Remote ON/OFF functionality


PC/104-Plus (PCI & ISA)
PC/104 (ISA Only)
PCI-104 (PCI Only)
PCIe/104 (PCI Express Only)
PCI/104-Express (PCI Express & PCI)
Embedded (No Bus Connectors)
Electrical9-36V DC - see above for further details
Mechanical96 mm x 90 mm, 3.55" x 3.775" (standard PC/104 size)
Conformal CoatingOn request
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40°C to +85°C
Temperature range (storage): -40°C to +85°C
Humidity5% to 95% noncondensing



BoardXtreme/PSU Isolated LP:
PXG201 Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PC/104-Plus)
PXG202 Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PC/104)
PXG203 Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCI-104)
PXG204 Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCIe/104)
PXG205 Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (PCI/104-Express)
PXG206 Xtreme/PSU Isolated LP (Embedded)

Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP:
PXG101 Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PC/104-Plus)
PXG102 Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PC/104)
PXG103 Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCI-104)
PXG104 Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCIe/104)
PXG105 Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (PCI/104-Express)
PXG106 Xtreme/PSU Isolated SP (Embedded)

Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP:
PXG301 Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PC/104-Plus)
PXG302 Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PC/104)
PXG303 Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCI-104)
PXG304 Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCIe/104)
PXG305 Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (PCI/104-Express)
PXG306 Xtreme/PSU Isolated HP (Embedded)
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