Manufacturer: Tri-M Technologies

The V5SC-SER-UPS is a smart 35 Watt DC to DC power supply with +5VDC output. It includes a flash-based microcontroller that supplies advanced power management, smart battery charger and an RS232 serial port. The V5SC is designed for low noise embedded computer systems, PC/104 size to fit in a PC/104 stack, has a wide input range of 6-40V (>6:1) and is ideal for battery or unregulated input applications.


  • Log runtime hours / log excessive temperature operation or shock and vibration/ log input voltage conditions and transient occurrences/ log output voltage and loads
  • Setup operating parameters such as maximum and minimum operating temperature
  • ESN number to uniquely identify each unit
  • Utilizes a multi-stage charging for both the built-in batteries and the external batteries
  • Onboard power management function allows timed on/off control of the V5SC, notification of changes to main power and changes in the battery status


  • A constant off-time current-mode architecture regulator provides excellent line and load transient response for the +5VDC output.
  • Heavy duty transient suppression up to 6,000 volts
  • Ripple reduced to below 20mV
  • Built-in 750mA-Hr 8.4V NiMh battery that is re-charged by the V5SC battery charger; able to provide XX minutes of backup based on X amp draw
  • State-of-the-art MOSFET based design provides outstanding line and load regulation with efficiencies up to 95 percent
  • Supports external battery packs such as the BAT104-NiMh, or a non-PC/104 pack that is wired to the Battery Connector CN1.
  • Provides up to four stages of battery charging and can charge Lead-Acid, NiCd, and NiMh batteries and is also SMBus level 3 compatible. Charge currents are up to 1.5A, and battery charging voltages from 9.5 to 19.5V.


  • Specifically designed for vehicular applications and has heavy-duty transient suppressors (6000W) that clamp the input voltage to safe levels, while maintaining normal power supply operation.
  • Low noise design makes the V5SC ideal for use aboard aircraft or military applications or wherever EMI or RFI must be minimized.
  • Can be programmed to power off the outputs in 60 seconds, and then turn on again 12 hours later
  • Can be configured to meet almost any power supply and battery charging need for embedded applications, whether that be a simple +5V application, or providing power for back lighted LCD panels, or a full NiMh UPS (un-interruptible power supply configuration).
  • All generated voltages are provided to screw terminals. The RS232 serial port is provided on a 2x5 row pin header.


  • High efficiency
  • Extended temperature operation
  • Rugged design
  • Transient suppression
  • Power/OS
  • Full UPS with smart charging
  • PC/104 stackable


Input6 to 40VDC
Output(s)5V output 7A

Peak to Peak ripple <20mV
Load Regulation <60mV
Line Regulation +/- 40mV
Output Temp. Drift <40mV
Output Ripple 20mV
Switching Frequency 320-330kHz
Maximum Input Transient 125V for 100Msec
EfficiencyUp to 90%
BatteryIntegrated NiMh backup batteries
6.3 watt-hr @ 8.4V (nominal)
Other6000W transient suppression


ExpansionNo bus board
Electrical6 to 40VDC - see above for more details
MechanicalDimensions: 90 × 96 × 14mm (3.55 × 3.775 × 0.55"), standard PC/104 sized
Conformal CoatingOn request
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): 0°C to +70°C
Temperature range (storage): 0°C to +70°C
Weight6.08 oz/172.37 grams
Warranty1 Year



PC/104 size, In 6-40VDC, Out 35W Power Supply & Smart Charging with built-in battery pack, +5V, 750mA-Hr battery,RS-232, Serial Interface
-CH Add suffix for Humiseal conformal coating and epoxy (factory installed)
-CS Add suffix for Silicon conformal coating and epoxy (factory installed)
-CU Add suffix for Urethane conformal coating and epoxy (factory installed)
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