Neptune introduces a new concept in small form-factor embedded-ready subsystems.

Neptune's CPU core consists of an ETX module mounted its bottom side, an approach that improves thermal management and increases the space for I/O functions and connections. By utilizing conduction cooling, Neptune features improved ruggedness and reliability through the use of a heatspreader. This innovative design has enabled Neptune to integrate CPU, system I/O, industry-leading data acquisition, both 10/100Mbps and gigabit Ethernet, and a wide-input DC/DC power supply within the compact and modularly expandable EPIC single-board computer (SBC) form-factor.


  • 1.91GHz Intel Atom E3845 quad-core
  • 1.65GHz AMD G-T56N 
  • 1.0GHz AMD G-T40N

Thanks to Neptune's flexible architecture, you can select from a range of ETX-based CPUs to meet each application's specific performance, power, and cost requirements. Available processors include the Intel Atom E-Series or AMD G-Series CPUs. A choice of ETX COMs offers scalable performance for your application as well as protection from obsolescence through plug compatible CPU modules.

What's more, Neptune's onboard PC/104-Plus expansion socket facilitates the addition of custom or off-the-shelf ISA and PCI interfaced add-on modules, helping you satisfy your application's precise requirements.


  • Less Space: Smaller and thinner than a stack of PC/104 boards
  • Lower Cost: An integrated solution eliminates extra PCBs and connectors to lower the unit cost
  • Higher Reliability: Less interconnects and components, resulting in higher reliability
  • More Rugged: The flatter profile and reduction in connectors makes Neptune far more rugged in mobile applications
  • Single Vendor: Purchasing and stocking are easier with a single board
  • Saves Time: Assembly effort is dramatically reduced, shortening your total system integration time


In addition to its comprehensive embedded-PC system core, Neptune also optionally integrates Diamond's industry-leading data acquisition I/O subsystem and DC/DC power supply, featuring:

  • 32 16-bit analogue inputs with 250KHz sample rate
  • 4 12-bit analogue outputs
  • 24 digital I/O lines, 3.3V/5V compatible
  • 8 opto-isolated digital inputs, 3-24V range
  • 8 opto-isolated digital outputs, 3-24V range
  • 2 counter/timers for A/D sample rate control, event counting/timing, and programmable interrupts

To simplify the task of putting this advanced data acquisition functionality to work in real-world applications Neptune comes with Diamond's Universal Driver software for C programming under Linux, Windows XP, Windows CE, and DOS.


  • Choice of price/performance: Neptune is available with a range of CPUs, from a low-power Intel Atom N270 up to a high-performance Core2Duo, so you can obtain exactly the performance and cost required
  • Protection from obsolescence: Easily switch processor modules in case of processor end of life
  • Easy upgrade: ETX CPUs are interchangeable, allowing you to easily upgrade your system with minimal or no redesign
  • Low Cost: ETX modules cost less than their equivalent SBC, resulting in a lower total cost for Neptune


Diamond’s top-performing autocalibration circuitry lets you calibrate the analogue circuits under software control at any time, maintaining best accuracy despite varying conditions. Temperature- and time-dependent measurement drift is eliminated, since the system can be calibrated as often as desired in just a few seconds, to ensure accurate readings in all environmental conditions.


Neptune's ETX processor module is located on its bottom side. An integrated heatspreader makes thermal contact with the heat generating components and provides a flat surface on the bottom of the assembly for mating to the system enclosure. This technique facilitates efficient removal of heat from the CPU without the need for a fan. Four mounting holes on the bottom of the conduction cooled heatspreader are provided to mount Neptune in an enclosure or to a bulkhead. These mounting holes are #6-32 threaded holes on 2.8" centres.


  • Standard: Windows XP; Windows 7, Linux 2.6 
  • Optional upon request: Windows XPe/CE; VxWorks; QNX


Neptune uses DDR3 SO-DIMM modules (located on the ETX CPU module) with capacities of either 2GB or 4GB.


This accessory plugs onto the front row of pin headers to provide cable-free access to the standard system I/O: Serial ports, USB, Ethernet, PS/2, VGA, Power input.

Panel I/O Board


This comprehensive cable kit provides access to all I/O features on Neptune, including the features on the panel I/O board.

Neptune Cable Kit

  • 1 2x 6981004 IDE, 44 conductor 2mm ribbon cable 
  • 2 1x 6981006 Power output cable 
  • 4 1x 6981072 Analog I/O, 2mm IDC40 to 2mm IDC40 
  • 5 1x 6981073 Digital I/O, 2mm IDC34 to 2mm IDC34 
  • 6 1x 6981080 Ethernet, 2mm 2x5 crimp to RJ-45 socket 
  • 7 3x 6981081 Dual Serial Port 2mm 2x10 to 2x DB9M 
  • 8 2x 6981082 Dual USB, 2mm 2x5 to Dual USB 
  • 9 1x 6981083 Keyboard/Mouse, 2mm 2x4 crimp to 2x Mini-DIN-6 
  • 10 1x 6981084 VGA, 2mm 2x5 crimp to DD15F 
  • 11 1x 6981085 Audio I/O, 2mm 2x5 crimp to 3x 3.5mm jack 
  • 12 1x 6981088 Utilities, 2mm 2x4 crimp to flying leads 
  • 13 1x 6981090 Power input, 2x4 high power to flying leads 
  • 14 1x 6981091 Power input ATX, 2x4 high power to ATX 2x10 
  • 15 1x 6981141 CRIMP40-IDC40F, 2mm, 12” Opto I/O 
  • 18 1x 6981144 Variable power input


I/OsStandard Digital I/O: 24 digital I/O lines; 3.3V/5V compatible
Optoisolated DIO: 8 inputs and 8 outputs; 3-24V range
InputsStandard Digital I/O:
Input logic thresholds :
• Logic 0: 0.0V min, 0.8V max
• Logic 1: 2.0V min, 5.0V max
Input current: ±1?A max

Optoisolated Inputs: 8 inputs: 5-24V
OutputsStandard Digital I/O:
Output logic thresholds:
• Logic 0: 0.0V min, 0.33V max
• Logic 1: 2.4V min, 5.0V max
Output current:
• Logic 0: 12mA max per line
• Logic 1: -4mA max per line

Optoisolated Outputs: 8 outputs: 5-24V
Counter/Timer(s)Clock source: 10MHz on-board clock or external signal
A/D pacer clock: 24-bit down counter (2 82C54 counters cascaded)
General purpose: 16-bit down counter (1 82C54 counter)



ExpansionStandard 16 bit PC/104 (ISA) interface
Standard 32 bit PC/104+ (PCI) interface
ElectricalInput range (depends on model):
• 5VDC +/-5%
• 40W 8-28V DC-to-DC power supply
Power Consumption
• NPT-E3845-xG: 14.7W typical
• NPT-T56N-xG: 16.1W typical
• NPT-T40N-xG: 11W typical
ATX-style power input and control
Mechanical4.5 x 6.5 x 1.77 in. (114 x 165 x 32 mm)
Conformal CoatingOn request
SoftwareWindows XP
Windows Embedded Standard 7
Windows 7
Linux 2.6
APIUniversal Driver 7.0
TemperatureTemperature range (Intel version, operation): -40 to +85°C
Temperature range (AMD versions, operation): -20 to +71°C
Temperature range (storage): -40 to +85°C
Humidity0 ~ 90% (non-condensing)
Weight14.6oz (414g)
VibrationMIL-STD-202G, Method 214A compatible
Warranty1 Year



BoardNPT-E3845XT-8GAW Neptune SBC, 1.91GHz Intel E3845 CPU, 8GB RAM, DAQ, -40/+85C, wide voltage input
NPT-E3845XT-8GA5 Neptune SBC, 1.91GHz Intel E3845 CPU, 8GB RAM, DAQ, -40/+85C, +5V input
NPT-E3845XT-4GAW Neptune SBC, 1.91GHz Intel E3845 CPU, 4GB RAM, DAQ, -40/+85C, wide voltage input
NPT-E3845XT-4GA5 Neptune SBC, 1.91GHz Intel E3845 CPU, 4GB RAM, DAQ, -40/+85C, +5V input

NPT-T56N-4GAW Neptune SBC, 1.65GHz AMD G-T56N CPU, 4GB RAM, DAQ, -20/+71C, wide voltage input
NPT-T56N-4GA5 Neptune SBC, 1.65GHz AMD G-T56N CPU, 4GB RAM, DAQ, -20/+71C, +5V input
NPT-T56N-2GAW Neptune SBC, 1.65GHz AMD G-T56N CPU, 2GB RAM, DAQ, -20/+71C, wide voltage input
NPT-T56N-2GA5 Neptune SBC, 1.65GHz AMD G-T56N CPU, 2GB RAM, DAQ, -20/+71C, +5V input

NPT-T40N-4GAW Neptune SBC, 1.0GHz AMD G-T40N CPU, 4GB RAM, DAQ, -20/+71C, wide voltage input
NPT-T40N-4GA5 Neptune SBC, 1.0GHz AMD G-T40N CPU, 4GB RAM, DAQ, -20/+71C, +5V input
NPT-T40N-2GAW Neptune SBC, 1.0GHz AMD G-T40N CPU, 2GB RAM, DAQ, -20/+71C, wide voltage input
NPT-T40N-2GA5 Neptune SBC, 1.0GHz AMD G-T40N CPU, 2GB RAM, DAQ, -20/+71C, +5V input
AccessoriesACC-HS104-12.7 eat Sink Accessory
C-NPT-KIT Neptune Cable Kit
PNL-NPT-KIT Neptune Panel I/O Board Kit
PNL-NPT-01 Neptune Panel I/O Board
CustomisationNeed storage and/or I/O cards added? Need an operating system or your own software image loaded? We can help with that. We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers who can quickly accomplish this. Please contact us for further details.



CPU SpecChoice of:
• 1.91GHz Intel Atom E3845 (4x 1.91GHz, Intel HD Graphics, 10W TDP)
• 1.65GHz AMD Fusion G-T56N (2x 1.65 GHz, Radeon HD 6310, 18W TDP)
• 1.0GHz AMD Fusion G-T40N (2x 1.60 GHz, Radeon HD 6250, 9W TDP)
ChipsetIntel version: Integrated in CPU
AMD versions: AMD Fusion Controller Hub (FCH) A55M
MemoryIntel version: Supports up to 8GB DDR3 SDRAM
AMD versions: Supports up to 4GB DDR3 SDRAM
GraphicsVGA, LVDS, LCD backlight control *
Network1 x Gigabit
1 x 10/100Mbps
Storage1 or 2 IDE ports
2 x SATA ports
USB4 x USB 2.0 ports
Serial2 x RS-232 only
4 x RS-232/422/485
AudioAC ’97 (line-in, line-Out, mic)
BIOSKeyboard / Mouse PS/2; USB peripherals also supported
UEFI or Insyde BIOS, model dependent



Number Of Outputs32 16-bit analog inputs (usable as 32 single-ended, 16 differential, or 16 SE + 8 DI)
Resolution16-bit A/D resolution
RangeBipolar ranges: ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V, ±1.25V
Unipolar ranges: 0-10V, 0-5V, 0-2.5V, 0-1.25V
Max Sample Rate250,000 samples/second, max
Input Bias Current100pA max
Overvoltage Protection±35V on any analog input without damage
Input Impedance10^13 ohms
Accuracy< ±2 LSB, after calibration
Nonlinearity±3LSB, no missing codes
On-board FIFO1024 samples, programmable threshold
CalibrationAutomatic using on-board microcontroller and temp sensor



Number Of Outputs4 channels
Resolution12-bit D/A resolution
Current±5mA max per channel, 2K? min load
Range±5V, ±10V, 0-5V, 0-10V
Settling time7?S to ±0.01%
Relative accuracy±1 LSB
Nonlinearity±1 LSB, monotonic
ResetReset to zero-scale or mid-scale (jumper selectable)
CalibrationAutomatic using on-board microcontroller and temp sensor
Waveform Buffer1,024 samples
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