Trimble Thunderbolt E

12-channel GPS Receiver & High-Quality Double Ovenised Oscillator

Manufacturer: Trimble
Trimble Thunderbolt E

The Trimble® Thunderbolt® E GPS Disciplined Clock is Trimble's latest offering for GPS synchronization devices targeting the wireless infrastructure. This fifth-generation GPS clock combines a 12-channel GPS receiver, control circuitry, and a high-quality double-ovenised oscillator on a single board, providing increased integrity and reliability at a lower size and cost.

The Thunderbolt E's level of integration makes it a perfect solution for precise timing applications in the wireless industry Among its uses are synchronizing the E911 positioning infrastructure, and providing precise time and frequency for WiMax and LTE-TDD applications, along with digital broadcast applications.

The architecture is comparable to systems currently used to maintain the tough CDMA, WiMax, and LTE-TDD holdover specification The Thunderbolt E is available in its enclosure, or as an OEM board.

The Thunderbolt E GPS clock outputs a 10 MHz reference signal and a 1 PPS signal with an overdetermined solution synchronized to GPS or UTC time The PPS output accommodates applications requiring sub-microsecond timing.

The Trimble T-RAIM (Time-Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor) algorithm is used to monitor satellites to ensure signal integrity.

Matching the Thunderbolt E GPS Clock with the Trimble Bullet™ antenna creates a system that provides reliable performance in hostile R/F environments. The system can be easily calibrated for different cable lengths.

The high level of integration and volume production techniques make the Thunderbolt E GPS Disciplined Clock an extremely cost-competitive timing solution for volume synchronization applications.


A starter kit is available for the Thunderbolt E which includes everything needed to get you going.

Thunderbolt E starter kit


GeneralL1 frequency, CA/code (SPS)
12-channel continuous tracking receiver
Update rate1 Hz
Accuracy1PPS Accuracy UTC ±15 nanoseconds (one sigma)
10 MHz accuracy 1.16 x 10 -12 after one day (three sigma)
Operational LimitsMaximum altitude: 18,000 m
ConnectorsPPS: BNC connector
10MHz: BNC connector
GPS: TNC connector
Serial: DB-9 connector
• Two-pin locking connector
• Molex 39-30-1020
InterfacesUses 5V GPS antenna
Frequency10 MHz
Waveform is sinusoidal
• 7 dBm ±2 into 50 ohms
• 5 dBm = 1.125 Vpp
• 7 dBm = 1.416 Vpp
• 9 dBm = 1.783 Vpp
PPS0 V to 2.4 V ±10% into 50 ? 10 microseconds wide pulse with the leading edge synchronized to UTC within 15 nanoseconds (one sigma) in static, time only mode.
The rising time is <20 nanoseconds and the pulse shape is affected by the distributed capacitance of the interface cable/circuit.
PPS is low-voltage (2.7V) TTL compliant
ProtocolsTrimble Standard Interface Protocol (TSIP) binary protocol @ 9600, 8-Odd-1
Phase Noise10 Hz -115 dBc/Hz
100 Hz -130 dBc/Hz
1 kHz -135 dBc/Hz
10 kHz -145 dBc/Hz
100 kHz -145 dBc/Hz
OtherHarmonic level: -40 dBc max
Spurious: -70 dBc max


Electrical+24 V and return using DC to DC power supply (19 V – 34 V range)
12 watts cold
8 watts steady state
Mechanical127 mm x 102 mm x 40 mm (5" L x 4" W x 2" H)
Six mounting holes for M3 screws. Max. depth 3/8"
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): –20 °C to +75 °C
Temperature range (storage): -40 °C to +85 °C
Humidity95% non-condensing
Weight0 .285 kg (0 .628 lbs)
Vibration0.008 g 2 /Hz 5 Hz to 20 Hz
0.05 g 2 /Hz 20 Hz to 100 Hz
-3dB/octave 100 Hz to 900 Hz
MTBF2,215,281 hours
Warranty1 Year



Board60333-50 Thunderbolt E Disciplined Clock Unit, contains DOCXO
60333-55 Thunderbolt-E Disciplined Clock Unit, contains DOCXO, timing board only (i.e. no enclosure)

(Note - 60333-50 replaces the 60333-30 Thunderbolt E Unit which had a single oven-controlled crystal oscillator - 100% backwards compatibility)
Accessories62989-50 Thunderbolt E Starter Kit, DOCXO
62989-90 Thunderbolt E Lab Starter Kit, DOCXO

D2601-0001 Thunderbolt E PSU, 100-240 V AC in, 0 to 40C operation

57860-30 Bullet III 5.0V GPS antenna F-style connector, 35dB gain
57860-20 Bullet III 5.0V GPS antenna TNC connector, 35dB gain

70228-70 5.0V Hardmount GPS Antenna with TNC connector, 28 dB gain

D2478-3001 TNC to TNC, 1 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3008 TNC to TNC, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3015 TNC to TNC, 15 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3025 TNC to TNC, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2606-3008 TNC to N-TYPE, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2606-3025 TNC to N-TYPE, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2607-3008 TNC to BNC, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2607-3025 TNC to BNC, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2446-3000 F-Type to F-Type, 25 metres

Refer to the Bullet cable page for further information. Other cable lengths/connector combinations available on request - call for details

Starter kit: Thunderbolt E, TNC Bullet antenna, 75-foot cable TNC to TNC, TNC to BNC adapter, power adapter and connectors, CD with user guide & Software monitor tool. Lab starter kit includes additional power cable for connection to bench-top PSU.
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