Aitech EV178

Development platform for A178 Thunder

Manufacturer: Aitech
Aitech EV178

The Aitech A178 Thunder is one of the worlds most rugged NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier based systems.

The EV178 evaluation system is the development platform for anyone considering deployments with the A178 GPGPU Supercomputer.

To get you working as quickly possible, the EV178 comes with the same NVIDIA module as the A178 as well as the HD-SDI or Composite Frame Grabbers available on the A178 and a pre-installed Linux software package. 

Cables and external power supply remove further guesswork and enable the system to be up and running within minutes of opening the box!

You can develop and demonstrate on the EV178 and run your application straight away on the A178 Thunder for deployment.

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