Trimble Bullet 360 GNSS Antenna

5.0V or 3.3V, TNC or F-Type Connectors, Resists RF Jamming

Manufacturer: Trimble
Trimble Bullet 360 GNSS Antenna

The Trimble® Bullet™ 360 timing antennas are designed specifically for congested urban environments. GNSS timing application will benefit from increased signal availability and multi-constellation redundancy. In challenging urban environments the increased number of visible satellites will significantly improve the performance of GNSS receivers.


The antenna is housed in weatherproof packaging designed to withstand exposure to shock, excessive vibration, extreme temperatures, rain, snow and sunlight. The dome is all plastic and the threaded socket in the base of the antenna. The socket accepts either a 1"-14" straight threat (typical marine antenna mount) or a 3/4" pipe thread. The F-type or TNC antenna connector is located inside the threaded socket, which allows the antenna cable to be routed inside a mounting pole and protects the cable connection for added reliability.


The Bullet 360 antenna is an active GPS L1, Galileo E1, Beidou B1 and GLONASS G1 bands antenna with 28dB preamp (5V DC), 26dB preamp (3.3 VDC). The Bullet 360 filtering improves impunity to other RF signals for reliable performance in hostile RF jamming environments.


For over 25 years, Trimble has sold GNSS antennas renowned for their survivability in tough environments. The Bullet 360 antenna is the fifth generation of the proven Bullet antenna family and offers all the reliability and performance benefits that are required for mission-critical installations. In unforgiving environments, an antenna failure could be disastrous. Don’t risk it. Select a proven GNSS antenna – the Trimble Bullet 360 antenna.


Trimble recommends the use of an RG59, 75-ohm cable as a low cost and readily available coaxial cable for the Bullet antenna. Extensive testing by Trimble has shown a minimal attenuation factor of less than 0.5dB (1/2dB) loss using the 75 Ohm cable with a 50 Ohm connector and antenna. The GPS frequency of 1575.42 MHz has negligible attenuation effects between the differences in equipment impedance.

Trimble recommends that the utmost consideration be given to the coaxial cable distance from the Bullet III antenna to the GPS module, including the GPS input receive level, using either 50 or 75-ohm coaxial cable. Using Trimble embedded products, allow for a minimum of 18 dB of gain at the R/F connector input of the GPS and 20 dB of gain at the R/F connector for the Thunderbolt Disciplined Clock. While the Bullet antenna will effectively perform for other vendor-supplied GPS products, the correct input sensitivity level is required for optimum functionality.


The Bullet 360 has a 1”-14 thread and comes with either a TNC or F-TYPE connector.


Connector5.0V versions: Available with either F-type & TNC connectors
3.3V versions: Available with TNC connector only
CableNo cable
Mounting1”-14 thread or 3/4” pipe thread (NPT - American Standard Pipe Taper Thread)
FrequencyGPS L1 1575.42 ±3MHz
BDS B1 1561 ±3MHz
GLO G1 1602 ±3MHz
Gain5.0V Version: 28dB ± 3dB (GPS)
3.3V Version: 26dB ± 3dB (GPS)
Noise2.0dB (typical)
Impedance50 Ohms
PolarizationRight-hand circular polarization (RHCP)
VSWR2.0 Max
OtherImmersion to 1 meter
IPx7 30min @ 1m
Humidity Soak: 60°C @ 95% RH, 96 hours
Corrosion Salt Resistant: 5% Salt spray tested, 96 hours
Azimuth coverage: 360° (omnidirectional)
Elevation coverage: 0°-90° elevation (hemispherical)


Electrical5.0 V Version: +5.0V DC (±10%), 20 mA maximum
3.3 V Version: +3.3V DC (±10%), 13 mA maximum
Mechanical3.05” D x 2.61” H
77.5 mm x 66.2mm
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40 to +90° C
Temperature range (storage): -40 to +90° C
Humidity20% to 95%
Weight7.0oz (200grams)
Vibration10 to 200Hz. Log sweep 3.0G (sweep time: 15 min). 3 axis
Shock50G vertical axis, 30G all axis
EMCIEC 61000-4-2
Warranty1 Year



Board101155-00 Bullet 360 Antenna 5.0V, TNC
101155-10 Bullet 360 Antenna 5.0V, F

101155-20 Bullet 360 Antenna 3.3V, TNC
AccessoriesD2478-3001 TNC to TNC, 1-metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3008 TNC to TNC, 8-metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3025 TNC to TNC, 25-metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2606-3008 TNC to N-TYPE, 8-metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2606-3025 TNC to N-TYPE, 25-metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2607-3008 TNC to BNC, 8-metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2607-3025 TNC to BNC, 25-metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2446-3000 F-Type to F-Type, 25 metres

Refer to the Bullet cable page for further information. Other cable lengths/connector combinations available on request - call for details

6535S Universal mount stainless steel, thread 1" x 14, height 4"
6538S Universal mount stainless steel, thread 1" x 14, height 1.62"
6538N Universal mount nylon, thread 1" x 14, height 1.62"
V9171 Pipe mounting bracket in stainless steel, thread 1”x14.
V9174 Universal mount stainless steel, thread 1" x 14, height 4"
V9175 Universal mount reinforced nylon, thread 1" x 14, height 4"
DPV9176 Universal mount stainless steel, thread 1" x 14, height 155mm
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