Trimble Copernicus Ii

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Manufacturer: Trimble
Trimble Copernicus Ii

The Trimble® Copernicus® II GPS receiver delivers proven performance and Trimble quality for a new generation of position-enabled products. It features the TrimCore™ navigation software for extremely fast startup times and high performance in foliage canopy and urban canyon environments.

The Copernicus II is fully compatible with all applications using the previous generation of Copernicus module. The Copernicus II module is a complete 12-channel GPS receiver in a 19 mm × 19 mm × 2.54 mm thumbnail-sized module. The module is packaged in tape and reel for high-speed pick and place manufacturing processes; 28 edge castellations provide RF and I/O interface without the need for connectors. Each module is manufactured and tested to Trimble's highest quality standards.

The sensitive Copernicus II GPS receiver can autonomously acquire GPS satellite signals and quickly generate reliable position fixes in extremely challenging environments and under poor signal conditions. The unit also accepts aided GPS (A-GPS) data for faster startups in very weak conditions.

In Stationary Mode the Copernicus II GPS receiver can produce an accurate and stable PPS with an indoor antenna

Features include:

  • •Self survey
  • TRAIM on clock and frequency
  • Noise filter to reduce PPS variance

The Copernicus II GPS module is a complete drop-in, ready-to-go receiver that provides position, velocity, and time data in a user's choice of three protocols. Trimble's powerful TSIP protocol offers complete control over receiver operation and provides detailed satellite information. The TAIP protocol is an easy-to-use ASCII protocol designed specifically for track and trace applications. The bi-directional NMEA 0183 v3.0 protocol offers industry-standard data messages and a command set for easy interface to mapping software.


Compatible with active or passive antennas, the Copernicus II GPS receiver is perfect for portable hand-held, battery-powered applications. The receiver's small size and low power requirement make it ideal for use in portable appliances, sports accessories, personal navigators, cameras, computer, and communication peripherals, as well as vehicle tracking, navigation, and security applications.


The Copernicus II Starter Kit provides everything you need to get started integrating state of the art GPS capability into your application. The kit includes the reference interface board (see above). Also included are a power converter, power adapter, GPS antennas, and the software for you to readily check out how easy it is to add Copernicus GPS to your application.


The Copernicus is supplied packaged in tape and reel for the pick-and-place manufacturing process in reel sizes of 100 and 500 pieces. Smaller quantities are also available.


GeneralL1 (1575.42 MHz) frequency, C/A code
12-channel, continuous tracking receiver
Update rateTSIP @ 1 Hz; NMEA @ 1 Hz; TAIP @ 1 Hz
AccuracyHorizontal: <2.5 meters (50%), <5 meters (90%)
Horizontal (with SBAS accuracy): <2 meters (50%), <4 meters (90%)
Altitude: <5 meters (50%), <8 meters (90%)
Altitude (with SBAS accuracy): <3 meters (50%), <5 meters (90%)
Velocity: 0.06 m/sec
Static PPS: ±60 nanoseconds
PPS (Stationary Mode "indoor" @ –145dBm): ±350 nanoseconds
AcquisitionReacquisition: 2 sec
Hot Start (with battery): 3 sec
Hot Start (no battery): 8 sec (ephemeris not older than 4 hours)
Warm Start: 35 sec
Cold Start: 38 sec
Out of the Box: 41 sec
Operational LimitsVelocity: 515 m/s
Receiver Dynamics: 2G
SensitivityTracking Sensitivity: -160dBm
Acquisition Sensitivity (high 'indoor' sensitivity mode, Copernicus 3.02 and Copernicus II only): -148dBm*
* For a hot start with an ephemeris, otherwise -146dBm
ConnectorsNo I/O or RF connectors - 28 reflow solderable surface-mounted edge castellations
PPS3.0 V CMOS-compatible pulse, once per second
ProtocolsTSIP, TAIP, NMEA 0183 v3.0
Bi-directional NMEA messages
Messages selectable by NMEA commands
Selection stored in flash memory
Serial Ports2 serial ports
OtherSupports SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS, and other future compatible systems).


Electrical+2.7 VDC to 3.3 VDC
Consumption: (typ.) 44 mA (132 mW) @ 3.0 V
Backup power: +2.7 VDC to +3.3 VDC
Ripple Noise: Max 50 mV, peak-to-peak from 1 Hz to 1 MHz
Mechanical19 mm W x 19 mm L x 2.54 mm H
(0.75" W x 0.75" L x 0.1" H)
Metal shield
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40 to +85° C
Temperature range (storage): -55 to +105° C
Humidity5% to 95% RH non-condensing @ 60°C
Weight1.7 grams (0.06 ounce) including shield
Vibration0.008 g2/Hz: 5 Hz to 20 Hz
0.05 g2/Hz: 20 Hz to 100 Hz
–3 dB/octave: 100 Hz to 900 Hz
MTBF5,389,092 hours
Warranty1 Year



Board63530-00 Copernicus II GPS Receiver
63530-10 Copernicus II GPS Receiver with soft shutdown feature supported
67415-00 Copernicus IIa GPS receiver
Accessories63532-05 Copernicus II - Starter Kit 1.04 firmware

66800-005.0V, 27dB GPS antenna, mag mount, 5 meter cable, SMB connector
66800-40 5.0V, 27dB GPS antenna, mag mount, 5 meter cable, SMA connector
66800-50 3.0V, 27dB GPS antenna, mag mount, 5 meter cable, MCX connector
66800-52 3.0V, 27dB GPS antenna, mag mount, 5 meter cable, SMA connector
66801-00 3.0V, 27dB GPS antenna, 80mm cable, HFL connector, unpackaged

57861-20 Bullet III 3.3V GPS antenna TNC connector, 30dB gain
57860-30 Bullet III 5.0V GPS antenna F-style connector, 35dB gain
57860-20 Bullet III 5.0V GPS antenna TNC connector, 35dB gain

70228-70 5.0V Hardmount GPS Antenna with TNC connector, 28 dB gain
70228-00 3.0V Hardmount GPS Antenna with TNC connector, 28 dB gain

58542 Lassen iQ/Condor C2626 Antenna Transition Cable, MCX to HFL, length 10cm
58541-05 Lassen iQ/Condor C2626 Antenna Transition Cable, SMA to HFL, length 12.9cm

D2478-3001 TNC to TNC, 1 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3008 TNC to TNC, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2478-3025 TNC to TNC, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2606-3008 TNC to N-TYPE, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2606-3025 TNC to N-TYPE, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2607-3008 TNC to BNC, 8 metre using RG-58C/U cable
D2607-3025 TNC to BNC, 25 metre using RG-58C/U cable

D2446-3000 F-Type to F-Type, 25 metres

Refer to the Bullet cable page for further information
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