Trimble Silvana/Anapala

GPS Receiver With Optimally Matched and Tuned Onboard Antenna

Manufacturer: Trimble
Trimble Silvana/Anapala

Integrating a GPS receiver and antenna in a tough electrical environment while wringing out every last dB of positioning performance is a complex RF design problem. Tight space constraints often place the GPS antenna near strong transmitters, noisy power supplies and fast microprocessors. Tracking down a source of interference in the system can take months. Getting it right often takes multiple expensive iterations and, in the end, engineers are frequently forced to compromise performance for time-to-market considerations.


Trimble has been integrating GPS receivers and antennas in all manner of devices for over 30 years now and can help you bring your product to market faster and with less aggravation. Trimble’s antenna companion modules (ACMs), including Silvana and Anapala, comprise a GPS receiver and a perfectly-matched antenna on an easily integrated module.


Compatible with Trimble’s Copernicus II, Condor and Panda families of GPS solutions, Silvana allows you to choose the best solution for your application. In addition to its onboard antenna, Silvana sports a connector for an external antenna. An antenna detection circuit automatically switches to the external antenna, when connected. With Silvana, one flexible solution serves both internal and external antenna applications


Like Silvana, Anapala supports multiple GPS solutions but relies on the integral matched antenna.

Silvana/Anapala comparison


GeneralSee the relevant Copernicus II or Condor datasheet for Silvana and Anapala ACM GPS performance specifications.
ConnectorsInterface Connector:22-pin Socket, SAMTEC # CLP-111-02-G-D-TR
Mating Connectors:
• Straight header: SAMTEC # FTSH-111-03-L-DV
• 90-degree header: SAMTEC # FTSH-111-02-L-DH-RA
Pinout1 No Connect
2 No Connect
3 TxD UART - TTL level
4 No Connect
5 RxD UART - TTL level
6 No Connect
7 Vcc Power supply
8 Mode control input (Pull high = Run, Pull low (GND) = Standby)
9 Signal and power ground
10 No Connect
11 No Connect
12 External Antenna Status (Silvana ACM Only)
13-19 No Connect
20 PPS
21 No Connect
22 XRESET for all Condor models except 68677-00 which is RESERVED, no connect for Copernicus IIA
OtherExternal Antenna Connector: U.FL or Female SMA (Silvana ACM only)


ElectricalCopernicus IIA based ACM:
• Power supply (main and backup) @ 2.7 to 3.3 V DC
• Power consumption: ?62 mA @ 3.0 V DC
• Standby consumption: <34 ?A typical @ 20 °C

Condor based ACM
• Power supply (main and backup) @ 3.0 to 3.6 V DC
• Power consumption: Arroung 50 mA @ 3.3 V DC
• Standby consumption: <34 microamps typical @ 20 °C
Mechanical35.56 mm W × 35.56 mm L × 8 mm H (not including antenna connector)
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40 to +85° C
Temperature range (storage): -55 to +105° C
Humidity5% to 95% RH non-condensing @ 60°C
Weight17 g (Silvana), 15 g (Anapala)
Vibration0.008 g2/Hz: 5 Hz to 20 Hz
0.05 g2/Hz: 20 Hz to 100 Hz
–3 dB/octave: 100 Hz to 900 Hz
MTBF5,389,092 hours
Warranty1 Year



Board68677-05 Silvana ACM, U.FL connector with Condor module populated
68677-30 Silvana ACM, U.FL connector with Copernicus II module populated
68677-00 Silvana ACM, SMA connector with Condor module populated

68677-55 Anapala ACM with Condor module populated
68677-60 Anapala ACM with Copernicus II module populated
Accessories75976-10 Silvana +C1919A Kit, U.FL
75976-25 Silvana +Copernicus IIA Kit, U.FL

58541-20 SMA to U.FL transition cable

Starter kit includes a custom version of the Silvana module along (extra header fitted) with a specialist USB lead for connecting to PC. Note - using the 22 pin interface and USB interface at the same time is not supported.
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