Flat Panel Controller Board, up to 1920×1200, DisplayPort, VGA & DVI input

Manufacturer: eCOUNT Embedded

The CRTtoLCD-71-LP-ET and CRTtoLCD-71-LP-ET are super low-profile Full-HD-Flatpanel Controllers with a standard and extended temperature range that allows the connection of standard Analog RGB, DVI, DisplayPort, Composite- video, S-Video and Component-Video sources to TFT-LCD flat-panels.

From a single +12 to 24V DC power supply, the CRTtoLCD-71-LP-ET generates all required supply voltages and power sequencing. LED or CCFL backlight dimming is supported and can be controlled by PWM or absolute voltage level.

The Multi-Standard Video-Decoder handles PAL, NTSC, SECAM and other video formats.


InputsDVI Input:
• 2x DVI inputs up to WUXGA
VGA Input:
• Analog-RGB up to WUXGA@60Hz,
• All colour depths up to 24 bits
DisplayPort Input:
• DisplayPort 1.1 compliant receiver up to WUXGA
• Composite Video (CVBS)
• S-Video
• Analog component Video (YPbPr)
OutputsJILI30 (up to 24Bit dual-channel LVDS)
30Bit dual-channel LVDS via additional connector
Output up to WUXGA@60 Hz (1920x1200)
SoundStereo sound output (line level)
Dolby 7.1 via I²S up to 192Kbps

Video Decoder (integrated)
• 3D adaptive comb filter
• SD-TV (CVBS, S-Video and analogue component input)
• HD-TV (Analog component input only)

• DCDi (Directional correlational de-interlacing) by Faroudja®

High-Quality Advanced Scaling
• Horizontal & Vertical Zoom/Shrink allows pixel-based independent positioning, zooming and shrinking of Main and PiP input

• Wide range input power supply 12 V- 24 V-DC
• Extended temprature range (-35 °C - +80 °C)
• Two separate onboard power supplies for flat-panel (up to 3 A) and backlight (up to 3.5 A)
• Ambient Light Sensor support to control backlight brightness via ADC inputs
• Multi-function GPIO’s configurable as I²C or PWM outputs and external interrupt source
• PWM or voltage-controlled backlight dimming
• Scripting support
• DDC2Bi / VCP (also accessible via script)
• Serial-API for full access to various functions and features
• Serial-OSD for keypad-less OSD control

Integrated On-Screen-Display
• On-Screen Display (OSD) for control of all configured features
• OSD rotation (90° / 180° / 270°)

OptionsInverter and display cable-kits for various flat panels


Electrical12.0 V DC to 24V DC
CRTtoLCD-71-LP (normal operating): 386 mA @ 12V DC
CRTtoLCD-71-LP (Soft-Power-Down / Standby): 105 mA @ 12V DC
MechanicalDimension (PCB): 150.01 mm x 89.97 mm x 1.50 mm (L/W/H)
Dimension (Module): 150.01 mm x 89.97 mm x 8.00 mm (L/W/H)
• Temperature range (operation): -35˚C to +80˚C
• Temperature range (storage): -45˚C to +90˚C
​• Temperature range (operation): 0C to +60˚C
• Temperature range (storage): -10 to +85˚C
HumidityOperating: 10% - 90% RH non-condensing
Non-operating: 5% - 95% RH non-condensing
Shock:5G/20ms square wave maximum
Vibration:1G/0-600Hz, dwell not to exceed
Software.Powerful configuration tool available
Warranty2 Years



CRTtoLCD-71-LP-ET Low Profile Multimedia Full-HD-Flatpanel-Controller with Analog-RGB(VGA), 2xDVI, DisplayPort and PAL/NTSC/SECAM video inputs and Dual-channel LVDS output, Height: 8 mm, extended temperature

CRTtoLCD-71-LP Low Profile Multimedia Full-HD-Flatpanel-Controller with Analog-RGB(VGA), 2xDVI, DisplayPort and PAL/NTSC/SECAM video inputs and Dual-channel LVDS output, Height: 8 mm, standard temperature
Accessories 22011E-00-01-01
OSD-Panel-Set-LP 5-button keypad with dual colour LED(red/green) IR-Receiver, Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) incl. cable

KAB-COMtoTTL Serial-RS232 to TTL converter cable for CRTtoLCD-51-pro/-61-pro/-71-LP/-61-LP

ADAPT-71-LP Input header adapter with Analog-RGB ( VGA) , DVI, DP, Video(Composite, S-Video, Component) inputs for CRTtoLCD-71-LP (P/N: 21118E)

KAB-ADAPT-71-LP Cableset for ADAPT-71-LP (P/N: 22014E)

KAB-ADAPT-P-LP Power input cable for KAB-ADAPT-X1-LP (P/N: 22012E & 22014E)
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