Industrial Routers, Remote Monitoring and Control


Recab has been working with industry leaders such as INSYS icom to deliver reliable and secure data communications using industrial routers and IoT gateways for many years. We have lots of case studies we can share.

Here you will find products and services to suit lots of different use-cases; whether that's for a system enabling remote notifications every now and then, or for a specific event, or if you need a 24/7 data feed, processed at the edge device and sent directly to the cloud or to a server, via VPN. These m2m routers and INSYS products can provide direct machine-to-machine communication. We have LTE/4G, Fibre/DSL, RS-232, RS-422 and DIO options available.

Contact us to discuss your requirements. Most of the devices we offer are suitable for indoor or outdoor uses and we can supply accessories like antennas, cables, external power supplies and, of course, rugged embedded computers!

Some common applications:

  • Remote monitoring and simple control of PLC devices used in water and waste management
  • Data collection from sensors on industrial machines using cellular connectivity
  • Timed data uploads from wind turbines where constant data stream isn’t needed
  • Extending Ethernet connections through long tunnels or over 1km+ distances
  • MQTT based cloud connectivity for 24/7 data streaming from SCADA/PLC devices with simple dashboard views online