turn your smart router into a smarter edge processor, an IoT gateway

Manufacturer: INSYS-icom

INSYS icom Data Suite (IDS) transforms their smart routers SCR, ECR, MRX or MRO into a protocol converter, data logger or IoT Gateway.

Perfect for operators, maintenance engineering, services companies and machine builders who want to enable new revenue streams, or to realise them more efficiently:

  • Remote maintenance and control
  • Predictive maintenance and alerts
  • Pay-per-use or rental models
  • Data analysis at the edge for product and cost optimisation

IDS is easy to buy and use:

One time purchase with the device, or after delivery of the device

Easy to install and configure with the pre-installed wizards

Perpetual licence with updates from INSYS.  Works with icom OS devices; SCR, ECR, MRO and MRX series.

INSYS icom Data Suite comes in three packaged levels:*

  1. IDS Package 1; Essential; Digital IO, CLI, System Logs, Event handler, Timer, Logic, Arithmetic, Basic Aggregation and Modbus plus Dashboard for visualisation and SMC, email, Modbus Slave, MQTT, Cumulocity and Telekom Cloud of Things
  2. IDS Package 2, Flexible: adds to pack 1 Siemens S7 (inc S5/LOGO), IEC 60870-5-101 Master, CODESYS, OPC-UA Client
  3. IDS Package 3, Flexible: adds to packs 1 and 2 with IEC 60870-5-104 Server, OPC-UA Server

    *Please see product brochure for full specifications

Insys icom Data Suite Webinar

This webinar will describe what the icom data suite is, which Insys devices that can use it and a brief introduction on its functions followed by a demonstration.


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