PCIe TSN Endpoint or Bridge

Manufacturer: Relyum by SoC-e

RELY-TSN-PCIe is an off-the-shelf solution for adding servers and PCs to a TSN network and to bringing the advantages of TSN (traffic shaping, mixed priorities, low-latency) to your Ethernet network.

The board can be used as a PCIe TSN Endpoint and as a TSN Bridge, providing 2 multi-media GbE ports and 2 internal Ethernet ports. 

Used as an Endpoint, it offers the possibility to introduce legacy systems into new TSN enabled networks.

RELY-TSN-PCIe uses the latest Xilinx Ultrascale+ technology and MTSNswitch IP core to provide industry-leading TSN features support and the possibility to upgrade and update through the life of the hardware device to keep current with new standards and implement advanced networking techniques.

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SOCE-SFP  Copper SFP for test devices 10/100/1000

SOCE-SFP-LC-MM-1G  Fiber SFP for test devices 1000

SOCE-SFP-LC-MM-100  Fiber SFP for test devices 10/100

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