Relyum Time-Aware Redbox-DAN PCIe NIC

PCIe advanced HSR/PRP Ethernet card

Manufacturer: Relyum by SoC-e
Relyum Time-Aware Redbox-DAN PCIe NIC

The RELY-Time-Aware-Redbox-DAN-PCIe is a smart pluggable board that uses the latest hardware design and Relyum software to enable users to implement the latest specialised networking, synchronisation, security and traffic-shaping technologies.  

The board can be fitted in full-height or low-profile slots.

The board can be used as a multi-media PCIe Redbox-DAN, operating in HSR/PRP mode in high-availability networks and enabling systems with the card inside to be integrated into Ethernet HSR/PRP networks.

Features include low-latency switching and implementation of high-accuracy clock synchronisation based on IEEE 1588 standards, Zero-Packet-Loss redundancy modes;

IEC 62439-3 v3 cl5 HSR, modes H, N, U, HSR-SAN, PRP-HSR, HSR-HSR

IEC 62439-3 v3 cl4 PRP, duplicate discard, duplicate accept, transparent reception, PRP-HSR.

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SOCE-SFP-LC-MM-100  Fiber SFP for test devices 10/100

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