Relyum TSN LAB

Ethernet TSN latency-bandwidth measurement tools

Manufacturer: Relyum by SoC-e
Relyum TSN LAB

Do you want to understand and measure latency or bandwidth in your network or simulate certain conditions, to test resilience, or the impact of traffic shaping or filtering measures?

RELY-TSN-LAB is a new concept of intelligent device that integrates IEEE 802.1AS sub-microsecond synchronization for analysing the behaviour of a network segment under certain stress conditions, for time sensitive network testing. The device can simulate surges conditions and other interferences In the network by forcing FCS (CRC) errors in selected frames. The last bit of the check sequence is changed leaving the rest of the frame untouched.

Additionally, the device permits the measurement of the bandwidth and latency of selected traffic in a specific device or network segment. This feature is performed by hardware time-stamping the packet before it is injected in the network or device under analysis, and after receiving it from the network or DUT.

The timestamp of the packets is based on IEEE 802.1AS synchronization, which becomes an important benefit when used in Deterministic networking. The timestamps can be stored along with useful package information that can be post-processed in order to generate performance results about IEEE 802.1Qbv.

Finally, an embedded web manager tool together with a Linux based OS simplifies the configuration, the creation of filters and the customization of the tool, to the specific requirement of any customer.

RELY-TSN-LAB is useful if you have an idea to test and implement TSN in your Ethernet network but it can also be used to effectively measure and record latency, bandwidth or other parameters supported for compliance, certification or regulatory needs.

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SOCE-3522 RELY-TSN-LAB, networking test unit, including OS and SW

SOCE-SFP  Copper SFP for test devices 10/100/1000

SOCE-SFP-LC-MM-1G  Fiber SFP for test devices 1000

SOCE-SFP-LC-MM-100  Fiber SFP for test devices 10/100

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