Traditionally, there has been a clear distinction between commercial off-the-shelf (OTS) products and fully customised embedded computing solutions. Many system designers still operate on this premise, which can mean higher costs and longer lead times for the design of embedded computing solutions for extreme applications or highly regulated markets. 

At Recab UK, we believe in the idea of custom OTS, where we combine the two traditional approaches to accelerate the development of reliable embedded and industrial computing solutions.


What is custom OTS?

Custom OTS is a hybrid approach to embedded product development, where we can use existing OTS products to meet the requirements of more demanding applications, such as railway computing, or even highly regulated markets such as military and defence.

Traditionally, the choice of products for embedded computing projects was rather black and white. Commercial OTS products could be used for commercial or consumer applications, but more demanding and critical projects would require a custom approach. This conventionally involved a long process of lengthy consultations, design planning, building, testing and refining as a new product was built from the ground up. With custom OTS, this process is streamlined by reusing and building atop existing components with proven competencies. This streamlined process means a shorter lead time for embedded systems, in turn reducing overall project time to market and keeping costs minimised.


Why choose Recab UK?

Custom OTS embedded systems are dependent on two things: reliable OTS products and proven experience in developing critical embedded solutions.

As a partner to some of the leading brands of embedded computing components, we can reuse existing OTS products and platforms from globally recognised and respected suppliers. Leveraging our extensive experience in developing and designing solutions for a wide range of sectors. We can enhance them to ensure compatibility and excellence in your applications. In combination with our certification capabilities, we can develop existing products into the perfect overall embedded solution that meets your requirements, while reducing time-to-market and project costs.


Below are some examples of how we have applied our custom OTS approach to projects in a wide range of markets.