Renewable energy embedded systems

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy and sustainability technologies are among the fastest developing areas of innovation in recent times. From the growing number of offshore wind farms to the prevalence of electric vehicle charging stations, the renewables market is becoming more mature. This maturity brings with it infrastructure challenges that make renewable energy embedded systems invaluable for remote monitoring, data collection and processing at the edge.


Embedded computing systems in renewable energy generation and environmental services are subject to a wide range of environmental conditions, from the extreme low temperatures of offshore wind generation to the remote, potentially corrosive environments in water treatment stations. In each of these settings, your embedded computing systems need to be ruggedised, ingress protected, low maintenance and highly reliable.


Our Experience

Recab UK, working with Recab AB in Northern Europe and partners such as INSYS-icom, has extensive experience in supporting projects in onshore and offshore renewable power generation, electric vehicle infrastructure and water and waste treatment.


For offshore renewable applications, we offer products with suitable environmental certification for maritime conditions, such as IEC-60945 for maritime navigation and radio communications equipment and systems.


Application areas

  • Condition monitoring of wind turbines: We can provide INSYS-icom industrial routers with LAN, LTE and 4G/5G connectivity to provide secure remote monitoring functionality to wind turbines, both offshore and on land. We can develop a full embedded system with congatec COM Express or COM-HPC modules, rugged managed Ethernet switches from Diamond Systems and high precision GPS/GNSS modules.
  • Electric vehicle charging point monitoring: Industrial routers can make managing remote EV charging points easier for operators. We provide INSYS-icom routers that can offer real-time remote monitoring of EV status, helping operators to optimise servicing schedules.
  • IoT in water and wastewater treatment: We can provide systems that allow measured data in pumping stations to be communicated automatically to supervisory systems in a reliable, secure and efficient way. Read our blog on the subject here.
  • Automated systems in agriculture: congatec COMs and Diamond Systems GPGPUs are widely accepted and effective in the development of complex robot and automated systems, particularly where machine vision processing is required. Autonomous farming vehicles can also benefit from automotive Ethernet development tools and automotive box PCs from b-plus.


Our Capabilities

  • Expertise in low-power embedded computing, positioning, I/O and storage solutions, ideal for outdoor applications in weather-sealed enclosures and with strong shock, vibration and extended temperature resistance
  • Flexibility in design and supply of components and systems solutions for small volume projects, often with demanding requirements that require modified COTS hardware
  • Long-term partnerships with market-leaders such as INSYS icom and Diamond Systems, to provide class-leading solutions including secure remote monitoring and control

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