More than eight billion passenger journeys are made in the UK every year by road, rail and sea. Within these modes of transport, the importance of embedded electronics and rugged PCs for transport continues to grow.

Due to our expertise and wide range of partner products, Recab UK are veterans of railway embedded PCs and in-vehicle computers. In fact, we have hundreds of systems and units that are deployed not only on trains, buses and emergency vehicles but also on the trackside and roadside. These include hundreds of units that are designed and built in the UK for on-train passenger Wi-Fi, and for automated train control and rail signalling applications.

We offer small volume and small batch customisation and manufacturing of products, which allows for the modification of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) items for small volume projects. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and systems integrators can also receive pre- and post-sale technical support from Recab UK, to ensure that your system is deployed and maintained effectively.

When building or integrating an embedded PC for transport applications, we also apply our expertise in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) techniques. This allows us to prevent interference with electrical and data signals from the PC, to ensure our products operate safely and predictably throughout their entire life cycle.