Virtium manufactures solid-state storage and memory solutions for the world’s top industrial embedded OEM customers. We design, build and support our products in the USA, and provide a dedicated software team for custom storage solutions – all fortified by a network of global locations. 

Our world-class technology and support provide a superior customer experience that continuously results in better industrial embedded products. As a Samsung-preferred partner, we give unparalleled access to specialty memory modules. Our quality products, long industry presence and knowledgeable, tenured experts have earned us the lasting trust of a deep customer base.

Today, Virtium continues to focus tightly on being the leading solid state storage and memory solutions provider in the industrial embedded space. While competing companies can provide products in this market, Virtium maintains its competitive edge by understanding key design concerns and tailoring its products to enable embedded designers to make the best possible solutions for our interconnected world.

  • Broad array of industrial durability and security features
  • Robust compliance
  • Extra-long lifecycles
  • 100% testing
  • Made in the USA