Innodisk EMXX-0102

Allows fitting of M.2 cards into legacy miniPCIe slots

Manufacturer: Innodisk
Innodisk EMXX-0102

Innodisk EMXX-0101 is a mPCIe to M.2 B key adapter module. It allows you to insert a modern M.2 module, with B keying, into a legacy miniPCIe slot.



FeaturesModule Type: mPCIe to M.2 B key Module
Form Factor: mPCIe
ConnectionsInput I/F: PCI Express 1.0/ USB 2.0
Output I/F: PCI Express, USB 2.0
Output connector: M.2 Key-A-E
Optional NANO SIM slot on the back side


ElectricalN/A - depends on card inserted
Mechanical30 x 54.4 x 6.4 mm
Conformal CoatingOn request
SoftwareN/A - depends on card inserted
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40 to +85°C
Temperature range (storage): -55 to +95°C
Vibration5G @7~2000Hz
Shock50G @ 0.5ms
Warranty3 Years

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mPCIe to M.2 B key Module

mPCIe to M.2 B key Module, with SIM slot
Recab UK
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