ThingMagic Gemini (HF)

Enabling HF/LF RFID Secure Access in a Compact, Embedded Module

Manufacturer: JADAK
ThingMagic Gemini (HF)

The ThingMagic® Gemini is for OEM designers requiring maximum customizability in an RFID module that reads and writes to MIFARE and NFC protocols, including capabilities for NFC peer-to-peer and NFC tag emulation (ISO 18092).

The Gemini supports the mutually authenticated Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) encryption, ideal for applications in product authentication and consumable protection (i.e. anti-counterfeiting).

It’s outfitted with 4 General Purpose Input Output (GPIO) pins; other available interfaces include micro USB for direct connection to a USB host, Common Blade Interface, the software adjustable host interfaces UART (TTL), SPI and I2C, and the capability to attach an external antenna for greater read range.

With a form factor approximately the size of a matchbook, the Gemini is a powerful, cost-effective embedded RFID solution for OEMs requiring a simple and intuitive API and accelerated time-to-market.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for rapid and seamless integration
  • Open flexible architecture protects future investment
  • Compact footprint form factor
  • Common blade interface technology for maximum design & solution flexibility
  • Simple, intuitive API
  • ISO14443A air interface protocol support
  • TagIQ™ recognizes the unique characteristics of each tag so that read/write performance is maximized
  • Multiple interface options with software adjustable baud rates


  • In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD): Automatically ID test kits, samples, reagents, and other consumables
  • Kiosks and vending machines
  • Mobile devices including printers, handhelds and sensor networks


RF Frequency13.56 MHz +/- 7 kHz
Supported Transponders:ISO 14443A: 106 kbps
ISO 14443B: 106 kbps
Refer to PDF datasheet for more details
RFID Processor 
User-accessible Flash Memory 
Tag Buffer 
Max Tag Read Rate 
Max Tag Read DistanceInternal Antenna Range: up to 5cm
External Antenna Range: up to 8cm
Antenna:Internal or 50Ω output for external connection
RF Power Output 
ConnectorUSB and/or board to board connector
SignallingUART (TTL): 9.6-115.2 kbps
SPI: Mode 1 up to 4 Mb/s
USB: 2.0 Full Speed 12 Mb/s
I2C: 100/400 kHz
GPIO Sensors and Indicators4 programmable GPIO pins
API Support 


ElectricalSupply voltage: .8-5.5V
Sleep Mode: 10μA
Idle Mode: 10 mA
Scan Mode: 120 mA
Mechanical40mm length, 38mm width, 5mm height
6.5 grams
SoftwareSkyeWare Protocol v3.
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -10C to +70C
Temperature range (storage): -20C to +85C
Safety/CertificationFCC Part 15 Modular Approval
IC RSS-210 (Industry Canada)
ETSI EN 300-330 (RED 2014/53/EU)
Warranty1 Year



BoardSM-GM-UB Module, USB Version 
SM-GM-MH Module, MH Version

SM-GM-UB has just the J4 USB connector populated and works via internal antenna only 
SM-GM-MH has the J4 USB connector, J3 male pin I/O header and external antenna connector fitted
Accessories: SM-GM-MH Gemini Evaluation Kit

SP-AN-SS Gemini small 50-ohm antenna
SP-AN-SM Gemini medium 50-ohm antenna
SP-AN-SL Gemini large 50-ohm antenna
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