ThingMagic M6E Micro (UHF) RAIN


Manufacturer: JADAK
ThingMagic M6E Micro (UHF) RAIN

ThingMagic UHF RAIN RFID Module Series offers powerful embeddable RFID technology intended for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) designing for a broad range of applications in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries, Point of Sale Devices, Security Access Points, Mobile Devices, Kiosks, Vending Machines, and Tag Commissioning Stations.

The ThingMagic Micro UHF RAIN RFID Module Series is a compact high-performance embedded reader module, with a powerful read range of 30 ft (9 m) from two 50 Ω antenna ports. The Micro series is one of the smallest 2-port RFID readers and it’s designed for handheld, mobile or stationary readers.

The Micro and Micro-LTE demonstrate exceptional power for their size, with a command adjustable RF output range of -5 dBm to +30 dBm (0.5 dB steps), important for read and write requirements of OEM designs.

The M6e Micro has a read rate of 750 tags/sec using high-performance settings, while the M6e Micro-LTE has a read rate of 50 tags/sec.

Supporting the EPC Gen2V2 and ISO 18000-63 standard with optional license for IPX and ISO 18K-6B protocols (Gen2 standard), the Micro and Micro LTE are available in one single SKU per product model for global use and can also be customized for frequencies in many global regions including the Americas, Europe, India, Korea, Australia, China and Japan.

The ThingMagic Micro Series is supported by Mercury API.

Features and Benefits

  • Smallest 2-Port multiprotocol embedded UHF RAIN RFID modules
  • Supports EPC Gen2V2 and ISO 18000-63 standard with an optional license for IPX and ISO 18K-6B protocols (Gen2 standard)
  • Exceptional range for size, 9 meters
  • Configured for multiple regions, such as FCC (North & South America), ETSI (European Union) and other regions including India, China, Korea, Australia and Japan


  • Inventory management: automatically track mobile assets in the healthcare facility
  • Surgical tools tracking: Track tools at the cart, tray, or item level, ensure kits are filled out properly, and maintain sterilization records for tools


RFID Protocol SupportEPCglobal Gen 2V2 (ISO 18000-63) with DRM. Optional AEI ATA, IP-X and ISO 18000-6B
Max Tag Read RateUp to 750 tags/second using high-performance settings
Max Tag Read DistanceOver 9 meters (30 feet) with 6 dBi antenna (36 dBm EIRP)
Antenna ConnectorTwo 50 Ohm connections (board-edge or U.FL) supporting two monostatic antennas
RF Power OutputSeparate read and write levels, commanded adjustable from -5 dBm to 30 dBm in 0.5 dB steps, accurate to +/- 1 dBm3
Regulatory/FrequencyPre-configured for the following regions:
FCC (NA, SA) 902-928 MHz; ETSI (EU) 865.6-867.6 MHz; TRAI (India) 865-867 MHz; KCC (Korea) 917-920.8 MHz; ACMA (Australia) 920-926 MHz; SRRC-MII (P.R. China) 920-925 MHz; MIC (Japan) 916.8-923.4 MHz; ‘Open’ (Customizable channel plan; 865-869, 902-928 MHz)
Connector28 board-edge connections or Molex low profile connector (53748-0208) providing DC power, communication, control and GPIO signals
SignallingUART with 3.3/5V logic levels from 9600 to 921,600 bps; USB 2.0 full speed device port (up to 12 Mbps)
GPIO Sensors and IndicatorsTwo 3.3V bidirectional ports configurable as input (sensor) ports or output (indicator) ports
API SupportC, C# (.NET), Java


ElectricalDC Voltage: 3.5 to 5.25 V
DC power consumption @ RF level:
• 5.5 W @ +30 dBm
• 3.5 W @ +27 dBm
• 2.5 W @ +23 dBm
• 2.0 W @ 0 dBm

Idle DC power consumption:
• Standby: 0.06 W
• Sleep: 0.008 W
• Shutdown: 0.0003 W
Mechanical46 mm L x 26 mm W x 4.0 mm H (1.8 in L x 1.0 in W x 0.16 in H)
SoftwareRefer to the ThingMagic Mercury API page for further information
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -40C to +60C (case temperature)
Temperature range (storage): -40C to +85C
VibrationSurvives 1-meter drop during handling
ShockSurvives 1-meter drop during handling
Warranty1 Year


Ordering Details

BoardM6E-M ThingMagic M6E Micro - Embedded (+30 dBm in all supported regions)
M6E-MICRO ThingMagic M6E Micro LTE - Embedded (+30 dBm in all supported regions)
AccessoriesM6E-M-DEVKIT ThingMagic M6E Micro development kit
M6E-MICRO-DEVKIT ThingMagic  Micro LTE Development Kit (North/South America, EU, IN, KR)

Components Included in the starter kits:
• The M6E Micro module or M6E Micro LTE and carrier board
• Power/interface developer’s board
• One USB cable
• One antenna
• One coax cable
• One 9V power supply
• International power adapter kit
• Sample tags
• The Quick Start Guide that details which documents and software to download to get up and running
quickly, along with details on how to register for and contact support.


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