ThingMagic Mercury API


Manufacturer: JADAK
ThingMagic Mercury API

The ThingMagic® Mercury® API makes it easy for system integrators, OEMs and ISVs to discover, provision and control ThingMagic readers – removing complexities, speeding RFID solution development and resulting in a quicker return on investment.

An extensive software development kit (SDK) with example applications and sample code in Java, C and C#, the Mercury API offers a consistent programmatic interface across all ThingMagic finished readers and embedded
RFID modules. The intuitively designed and well documented Mercury API requires little RFID expertise, enabling developers to rapidly design and test:

  • Reader and tag commands
  • Advanced read functionality such as setting antennas, protocols and filtering criteria
  • Advanced tag operations such as killing and locking tags
  • Privacy and security features
  • Performance and memory optimization

The ThingMagic Mercury API is available for several different programming languages, is written in Java, C and C#, and supports the following application types:

  • .NET applications in the .NET Compact Framework v2.0
  • Windows applications in the .NET Framework
  • Windows applications in the Java Framework•
  • Linux (Intel) and MacOSX applications in the Java Framework
  • Android applications in the Java Framework

Mercury supports both networked and serial connected RFID readers.


Universal Reader Assistant is a standalong application idea for getting started with your ThingMagic RFID hardware.

URA is written using the high level MercuryAPI in C# .NET and is available in 32 bit and 64 bit Windows variants. All the source code for URA is available as part of the MercuryAPI SDK. The MercuryAPI Software Development Kit (SDK) also contains additional sample applications and source code to help developers get started demoing and developing functionality. 

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