ThingMagic Sargas


Manufacturer: JADAK
ThingMagic Sargas

The ThingMagic® Sargas reader is a high performance, 2-antenna-port, UHF reader in a low profile enclosure. Built around the ThingMagic Micro reader module, the device reads more than 750 tags per second at distances of over 9 metres (30 feet) when configured with appropriate antennas. With an onboard processor, memory and removable flash storage, the reader has features designed for enterprise applications.


ThingMagic Sargas reader makes system integration easier in 3 ways:

  • Hardware features
  • Sargas reader architecture
  • Supporting software tools & API

Careful use of these capabilities can reduce hardware count and software development time in a project.


The reader has extensive hardware input/output features. In addition to Ethernet, 2 USB (one host,one client), and 4 optoisolated General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) ports the Sargas reader has a unique HDMI port. Integrating a display into an RFID system often involves adding a separate PC to take advantage of standard peripherals or adding a custom display. With an HDMI port built into the reader, a standard display or monitor can be directly attached reducing hardware count and development time.


The Sargas reader architecture is based on a 1 GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor running Linux kernel version 3.8. This is supported by 512 MB of DDR memory and 4 GBytes of FLASH memory. Onboard applications are supported via the Mercury OS C API. MercuryOS additions include web-based configuration & monitoring using HTTP/HTTPS and SSL/SSH-based security. Reader networking features include a TCP/IP stack plus Cisco-certified DHCP & DNS based configuration and firmware management.


The Sargas reader is based on the powerful ThingMagic Micro module and supports the Mercury API. This API is common across all ThingMagic reader modules and finished readers. Code that is developed for one system may be reused in other designs and projects.


RFID Protocol SupportEPC Gen 2V2 ISO 18000-63
ISO 18000-6B, IPx, AEI ATA *
EPC Global LLRP V1.1
* These protocols require additional licenses
RFID ProcessorLinux kernel V3.8
1 GHz T1 ARM Cortex A8
512 MB DDR
4GB Flash
Mercury OS C API

Powerful Linux processing capabilities enable
• Autonomous operation,
• Hosting of on-board software, and
• Data filtering/storing
Max Tag Read Rate> 750 tags per sec. (settings dependent)
Max Tag Read Distance> 9 m (30 ft) with appropriate antenna
Antenna Connector2 ports with RP-SMA connectors
RF Power OutputRF Power output: 0 dBm to 30 dBm (1 W), ±1.0 dBm
RF Power control: Command-adjustable with separate read and write levels
Default RF Power Output: +30 dBm ±1.0 dBm
Regulatory/FrequencyPre-configured for these regions:
• FCC/IC 902-928 MHz, 917.4-927 MHz, 917.5-922.5 MHz (Americas)
• ETSI 865.6-867.6 MHz,869.85 MHz (EU)
• TRAI 865-867 MHz (India)
• KCC 917-920.8 MHz (Korea)
• ACMA 920-926 MHz
• SRRC-MII 920-925 MHz (P.R. China)
• MIC 916.7-920.9 MHZ (Japan)
• Open (Customizable) 865-869 MHZ, 902-928 MHz
ConnectorRJ45 (10/100 Base-T Ethernet)
USB mini Type B (console/data port)
3.81mm terminal block (GPIO interface)
5.54 mm sealed connector (DC power)
Two reverse polarity SMA ports for antenna
MicroHDMI (for monitor)
USB type A (host - for WiFi adapter, keyboard, mouse etc)
MicroSD (for data storage)
GPIO Sensors and Indicators1 two-color LED status indicator
Reset switch
Isolated GPIOs
4 Inputs & 4 Outputs plus +5 VDC and grounded references
OtherDust and water immunity: IP52


Electrical10- 30 VDC supply voltage. Maximum DC power: 15 W
Mechanical19 cm L x 17.8 cm W x 3.4 cm H (7.5 in L x 7.0 in W x 1.3 in H)
SoftwareRefer to the ThingMagic Mercury API page for further information
TemperatureTemperature range (operation): -20C to +50C
Temperature range (storage): -40C to +85C
Weight2 lbs (0.9 kg)
Safety/CertificationFCC 47 CFR Ch.1 Part 15
Industrie Canada RSS-21 0
ETSI EN 302 208 V1.2.1
Warranty1 Year


Ordering Details

BoardS6-EU Sargas Reader - Europe
S6-NA Sargas Reader - North America
S6-IN Sargas Reader - India

PWRADP-S6-MR Sargas Multi-Region Power Adapter (indoor use)
CBLADP-1 RF Adapter Cable, RSMA Male to RTNC Female, 1 foot

TM-RAINSTM-LIC RAINstream license for one Sargas
S6-LIC-AEIATA AEI ATA protocol license for one Sargas Reader
S6-LIC-2F IPX and ISO 18K-6B protocol license for one Sargas Reader

S6-DEVKIT Sargas Development Kit (does not include the reader)

The Sargas Development Kit includes a 7.5" sample antenna, RF cables, Ethernet cable, multi-region power adapter, packet of sample tags and instructions for obtaining the SDK/API. Reader is not included.


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