Innodisk DDR2 Wide Temp SODIMM

Up to 4GB Capacity, up to 800MHz Frequency, Non-ECC

Manufacturer: Innodisk
Innodisk DDR2 Wide Temp SODIMM

Designed for industrial systems, Innodisk’s Wide Temperature DRAM modules are best suited for applications that must work in extreme temperatures. These modules use industrial-grade SDRAM components with 30u” gold finger to ensure that the memory maintains its high-quality signal, even at temperatures as low as -40ºC or as high as 85ºC.

  • JEDEC standard 1.8V +/- 0.1V Power Supply
  • JEDEC Standard 200-pin
  • 4 bit pre-fetch
  • OCD (Off-Chip Driver Impedance Adjustment)
  • Programmable Burst Length 4 / 8 with both sequential and interleave mode
  • Auto refresh and self refresh supported
  • SDRAM operating temperature range   -40°C ? TA ? +85°C
  • Gold Finger 30?"
  • RoHS Compliant

DRAM Specification

SeriesWide temperature
Module TypeDDR2 SODIMM
FunctionNon-ECC unbuffered memory
Pin number200 pin
Width64 bits


MechanicalModule height: 1.18 inch / 30.0 mm
TemperatureOperating: -40C to +85C
Storage: -55C to +95°C


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