Virtium DDR4 Memory

DIMM, SODIMM and Mini-DIMM form factors, ECC or non-ECC, up to -40 to 95C operating

Manufacturer: Virtium
Virtium DDR4 Memory

As one of the first manufacturers to offer industrial  DDR4 memory, Virtium enables embedded industrial OEM customers early test and development access to the lower power, high bandwidth and density benefits of this latest DRAM technology.

Delivering significant power savings of up to 40% and up to twice the bandwidth over DDR3, Virtium’s industrial DDR4 modules are excellent solutions for server blades, networking and telecom applications.

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DRAM Specification

Module TypeAvailable in DIMM, SODIMM and Mini-DIMM
FrequencyPC4-1866, PC4-2133, PC4-2400 and PC4-2666
Capacity4GB, 8GB, 16GB
FunctionRegistered or Unbuffered
ECC or Non-ECC
Chip Configuration: x8 and x4
Rank: Single, Dual and Quad



MechanicalHeights: Standard, VLP and ULP
Conformal CoatingFactory option
TemperatureOperating: Standard Grade: 0 to +85°C
Operating: Extended Grade: -25 to +95°C
Operating: Industrial Grade: -40 to +95°C
Warranty5 Years


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