Virtium Storfly 1.8 SATA SSD

Up to 960GB capacities, up to -40 to +85C operating range

Manufacturer: Virtium
Virtium Storfly 1.8 SATA SSD

StorFly® 18 1.8 inch SATA SSDs deliver an optimal solid-state storage solution for embedded and industrial systems that may require a high-reliability replacement to hard-to-find 1.8 HDDs. StorFly 18 SSDs are also smaller, thinner, ejectable alternatives to 2.5? SATA SSDs that provide the benefit of enhanced serviceability without the need for a hot-swap carrier.

At a 5mm thickness, StorFly 18 SSDs are ideal for 1U server and blade applications where airflow and cooling are high priorities.

Storage Specification

Model infoStorFly® 18 1.8 SATA SSDs
Flash TypeMLC SLC iMLC
InterfaceSATA 6G (SATA III), 3G and 1.5G
ConnectorStandard SATA connection

CE: 30GB–960GB

XE: 16GB–480GB

PE: 8GB–256GB

Data SecurityNot supported


CE range (MLC, 3 year warranty): 1X Baseline

XE range (iMLC, 5 year warranty): 7X Baseline

PE range (SLC, 5 year warranty): 30X Baseline

Endurance Baseline = one entire drive write per day for the entire warranty period.



Electrical3.3V / 1.7W
Mechanical54.00 x 78.25 x 5 mm
TemperatureOperating: CE range: MLC, 0 to +70°C
Operating: XE range: iMLC, -40 to +85°C
Operating: PE range: SLC, -40 to +85°C
MTBF>2 million hours
Warranty3–5 years

CE range: MLC, 3 year warranty

XE range: iMLC, 5 year warranty

PE range: SLC, 5 year warranty



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