in-vehicle computers

In-vehicle computers

Our experience

Recab UK understands the regulatory and environmental requirements of automotive applications. We have systems deployed in vehicles and at the roadside. Applications include ANPR, Autonomous Systems, Positioning and Timing and Surveillance.

The rise of in-vehicle computers isn’t only being driven by autonomous vehicles, however. Other computing systems offered by Recab UK include radio-frequency identification (RFID) devices from our partner Jadak, as used for asset tracking and management in freight and emergency services. We also support public transport CCTV networks with solid-state memory and storage, from Virtium. Recab UK is also experienced in integrating Radio, GPS/GNSS, Network Timing and DAQ into in-vehicle systems.


Our capabilities

  • Modular computing with CAN bus and Ethernet for Automotive applications

  • Low-power, low-weight and compact size embedded computing and storage used extensively in agriculture, forestry, freight haulage and emergency service vehicles

  • Long-term partnerships with market-leaders such as B-Plus and Congatec, to provide class-leading solutions including automotive R&D specific platforms


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