Our Experience

Marine embedded systems are a specialty of the Recab UK team. With our UK base situated near the historic Chatham dockyard and our sister company Recab AB delivering hundreds of maritime projects in the Nordic region, Recab UK is well positioned to provide marine-certified embedded computers.

Embedded computing solutions deployed at sea need to be rugged, safe and reliable. The project requirements may constantly change, with newer projects possibly needing lower latency, higher bandwidths and higher performance than ever before, but the environment and standards needed remain as demanding as ever. We are here to support you in developing an embedded maritime system that meets all these demands.

Maritime technologies include:

  • x86PPC and ARM rugged computing
  • rugged managed Ethernet switches
  • VPX, CPCI and VME solutions including VITA 62 compliant power supplies
  • Enclosures and boards designed for extended temperature, conduction cooled or air-cooled applications with conformal coating and demonstrable durability in salt mist testing.


Recab UK has designed in-house and supplied many different types of solution for maritime transport applications. Our market leading suppliers are involved in industry initiatives worldwide.  Recab UK is experienced in developing marine embedded computers that are fully compliant with certifications including IEC 60945 and DNV.


Our Capabilities

Product design and realisation services, based at our Rochester, Kent offices, with opportunities for assembly & test, functional testing, extended temperature testing and conformal coating.

Detailed traceability, managed obsolescence, documentation, product safety and approvals testing and certification.  We can also offer logistics support and extended warranty.

Meeting thermal, IO and power challenges in new architectures, such as VPX, utilising our mechanical and electrical design expertise to minimise cables, optimise thermal modelling, power budgets and EMI/RF shielding and filtering

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Our Products

  • Backplane systems, including bespoke form factors, using VPX, VME or CPCI, combining computing with IO and VITA 62 compliant PSU, as well as specialist memory, IO and communications boards
  • Modular, environmentally sealed SWaP optimised systems, using COMe processors with devices like FPGA, with MIL-38999 connectors
  • GPGPU solutions with NVIDIA Jetson modules, for small form factor and highly rugged applications, many with combined DAQ and Analog/Digital IO
  • Rugged, extended temperature range L2/L3 managed Ethernet Switches with sealed connectors
  • Graphics processor modules and computing boards, for building cockpit and cabin display units
  • Multi-node computers with integrated redundant switches and power supplies, for virtualised workflow environments such as VMWare or Docker
  • Very high shock and vibration resistant memory solutions, such as XR-DIMM
  • Boards, modules and Box PC systems designed for marine use, IEC 60945 and DNV Certified

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